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Ogyris amaryllis Notocrypta waigensis Anthene lycaenoides Cairns Birdwing Butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorian), Australia's largest native butterfly species; photographed at Brookside Gardens' Wings of Fancy exhibit Love butterflies? Lycaenidae All Birdwing species and the Red-bodied Swallowtail. Yoma sabina Everes lacturnus Incidentally I think the name “Sandpaper Fig” is a misnomer because I found its leaves were incapable of altering the condition of a cricket ball 😉, The tropical low in the Gulf of Carpentaria was now completing its metamorphosis into Tropical Cyclone Esther. put your camera away. Watch the Cairns Birdwing emerging video & the silk moth Caterpillars live display; Entry into the butterfly museum. We offer a range of experiences for the whole family – from educational immersive exhibits to guided tours through the aviary and breeding laboratory. I had some difficulty focussing on this little skipper with my bridge camera, but I was able to get some shots of his upperside. Since my DSLR was now working I had hoped to get some more upperside shots of the Jalmenus pseudictinus, but today I couldn’t find any around the wattles where they’d been two days before. Ogyris genoveva I’m using to seeing masses of ants clustered all over the larvae, but the Acacia bidwillii foliage provided good cover. Pelopidas agna The name “Esther” sounds harmless enough, but she was carrying a huge amount of rain and had every intention of dumping it all on us as we attempted to find some butterflies. We actually saw far fewer butterflies than we’d seen 2 days before under worse conditions, which we didn’t understand at all. Trapezites sciron Ionolyce helicon Nymphalidae Nymphalidae Danaus petilia Candalides heathi Heteronympha solandri Cairns birdwing butterfly. Theclinesthes sulpitius If you want to attract a particular species of butterfly to your yard, find out what food plants it likes and plant them. Pieridae Oreixenica correae I did see a couple flying around the top of a small tree, but there was no opportunity for me to get any photos. Trapezites iacchus Delias aestiva Neolucia hobartensis The artists were members of the Work for the Dole scheme under the tuition of Dominic Johns. Nils and I both took photos, and then Nils very kindly loaned me his DSLR so I could get better shots than were likely with my bridge camera. Anisynta monticolae [1] The names Cairns and Cooktown in its common name reference the Australian cities in the region where this butterfly is found. Neohesperilla xanthomera The weather improved to the point where it became mostly sunny, however we really didn’t see all that many butterflies. Papilio ulysses Hypochrysops ignitus The leaves of the introduced Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia littoralis) will kill the larvae of this species and several other swallowtail butterflies in Australia. You can find the Grey Albatross, seeking out vibrant plant varieties in the wet tropics. Hesperiidae, Protographium leosthenes Trapezites phigalioides Junonia villida Cairns Birdwing, Ornithoptera euphorion North Queensland Day Moth, Alcides metaurus. Graphium choredon Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in Australia – an all-weather experience in the heart of Kuranda. Acrodipsas aurata Sabera fuliginosa. Cupha prosope Anisynta tillyardi We had found a little colony, with many of the Acacias in the area being home to one or two of the butterflies. Neohesperilla crocea It appears to be something of a communal band 🙂 . Trapezites waterhousei Daily 10:00 am 3:00 pm. Udara cardia Jamides phaseli It will also be useful to learn what the caterpillar for that species looks like. Riodinidae We exchanged butterflying stories on the journey, much of which I spent salivating at the thought of all the species Ross has found that I haven’t yet seen. Ocybadistes walkeri New species are still being described. Home page Arhopala wildei The weather had been mostly sunny for the previous two weeks, and as there’d been plenty of rain before that we were hopeful of seeing a lot of butterflies. Satisfied with our daemeli experience we returned to Cairns. Toxidia peron Cyprotides cyprotus Nymphalidae The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in the Southern Hemisphere. Elymnias agondas Toxidia thyrrhus Hesperilla picta Jamides cyta Hypocysta euphemia Hypochrysops epicurus Eurema smilax Tagiades japetus Tellervo zoilus Jalmenus eichhorni Hypochrysops delicia This species is endemic to Australia. 22 different butterfly species and 7 other insects in and around Cairns, Australia, november 2012. With the rain starting again we went onto Herberton to see what we might be able to find. Signeta tymbophora Arhopala madytus Known commonly as the Cairns, or Cooktown, Birdwing, this bright butterfly is endemic to a small area of north-eastern Australia. Anthene seltuttus Hypochrysops piceatus Ogyris otanes Papilio fuscus Deudorix diovis Trapezites macqueeni Hypocysta adiante Euploea tulliolus Bindahara phocides These other native (i.e., good) species are all listed for some of our butterflies but not for all of them. There are around 1500 free … Pseudodipsas eone Acraea andromacha It’s often a good idea to start butterflying early in the morning in the Tropics; whilst few butterflies are on the wing until later there’s always the chance of getting shots of half-asleep individuals like this. In Brisbane gardens, they feed mostly on oleanders and figs. Most of them were absolutely beautiful freshly-emerged insects, though I was a little disappointed that none of them ever opened its wings to show the lovely upperside colour. All reviews beautiful butterflies butterfly sanctuary guided tour life cycle butterflies flying cairns birdwing eggs free tour breeding program behind the scenes different species lovely experience well worth the visit entry fee caterpillar ulysses laboratory moths nursery flutter cocoons hatching. This location was also home to a number of Four-barred Swordtails (Protographium leosthenes), most of which were badly damaged and missing one or both their tails. Elodina queenslandica At the bottom of the smaller hill, right next to where we parked the car, were a few small wattles that were host to a little colony of Macqueen’s Hairstreak (Jalmenus pseudictinus). It was still early and quite overcast, but within a couple of metres we saw a stonking fresh Bordered Rustic (Cupha prosope). Australia’s largest butterfly with females of this species measuring up to 18cm from wing to wing (Zoo, 2004). Toxidia doubledayi Check out m… Psychidae A (Case Moth Caterpillar) Ciliated-blue. Papillon Butterfly More information Cairns Birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera euphorion) is a species of birdwing butterfly endemic to northeastern Australia, and is Australia's largest endemic butterfly species. Philiris nitens We didn’t see any narcissus this time either, though Nils did spot a female Copper Jewel (Hypochrysops apelles), who repeatedly settled on one particular mangrove plant, where she walked around and laid the occasional egg.Â, Other than a quick glimpse of a male apelles there was little to see so after a while I left the mangroves, crossed the Highway, and went to investigate a track that ran between a cane field and a forest.

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