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Looking for a free guided meditation script or a free relaxation script? Take a long and deep breath. Root Chakra Meditations*: Root Chakra Meditation: I am Here, by Leah Guy (8 minutes) Root Chakra Meditation by Lee Papa (12 minutes) Root Chakra by Elizabeth Phillips (18 minutes) *Note: all of the meditations recommended in this post are accessible through Insight Timer. Wide-legged Forward Fold. See your root chakra connecting you to the ground below. When you feel that no tension hinders your total relaxation, begin to visualize before you the copy of your physical body completely shrouded in light and energy… a mix of colorful lights that slowly transforms the image of your physical body into a pure bright figure… Breathe in and breathe as you watch how that energy expands inside your body…, The energy is not something you need to look for… it’s something already within you…. Sit comfortably somewhere you will not be disturbed. What I’ve found in my research is that specific brainwave sounds stimulate specific points of your brains and help you achieve desired results faster and stronger. (NOTE: YOU MAY WANT TO INSERT A PROGRESSIVE RELAXATION SCRIPT TO AID IN ATTAINING THE ALPHA LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.) At the same time, the spine releases excess root chakra energy as well as stimulates the throat chakra, opening the heart and solar plexus chakras and balancing the sacral chakra. You see the path opening into a large, almost circular room, with a big rectangular stone lying in the middle. Let your breath proceed in its natural rhythm… as you allow your body to begin to relax. Explore our free scripts right here. Root Chakra Meditation. Visualize how light clears and unlocks this last chakra too. Get help on how to enhance your life experiences through my free e-newsletter Kkaivalya. The root chakra (Muladhara) is the first chakra of the Hindu tradition and of the tantric and yoga doctrines Complete guide to the root chakra Meaning, main qualities, properties, test, symptoms of openness and blockage, activation and balancing through diet, aromatherapy, lithotherapy, meditation. Consider doing this meditation outside, seated on the ground to more fully connect to the earth element. Believe that you deserve an abundant life. I created a root chakra guided meditation for you. Chakra Meditation- Muladhara/Root/Base Colour-Breathing Meditation Script for Muladhara/Root Chakra. This chakra is often represented as a cone of energy starting at the base of the spine and … Using this program is as easy as it gets. Check your posture. Meditation Script for Children with Anxiety. 3. It is preferable to learn about energy and the methods of balancing, cleansing and charging the chakras and allow one’s own inner voice to lead the meditation. Welcome to this guided chakra meditation. The rays of the sun streaking in invite you to enter the cave. Before you get into this 5-minute meditation, find a comfortable chair and sit with your back straight—plant both the feet on the floor. Now take a deep breath into the nose and exhale out of your mouth with a long sigh… Now imagine all these colors finally glowing and your chakras getting balanced, healed, aligned… put your palms together and seal this session with Namaste. The root chakra’s color is red. You can simply download the Chakra Shot MP3 and use it however you like; on your phone, MP3 player, radio, etc. We will move through the body and focus on each chakra individually and in the end journey across all seven of them. You feel deeply anchored and rooted to the earth. To learn more about Profound Meditation Program 3.0 click here or here. Feel now all the energies in the body; all your chakras unlocked and enjoying the pleasure of just being with yourself. Here is a guided Root Chakra Meditation. You’ll need to have a free Adobe Reader to view the PDF file (many computers have this already). The Root chakra is associated with the feet, legs, tailbone, and hips. Grounding Meditation Script. I’ve included the script here, along with the video. Signs: A blocked root chakra include pelvic or lower back pain, as well as cold extremities and trouble concentrating. Imagine all your stress and worries sliding off your body. This means that you shouldn’t feel like you’re in a hurry, and you shouldn’t skip energy centers. It is located at the base of the spine. If you`re sitting, then relax your hands on your lap or at your side, whatever way feels comfy. We each have seven main chakras in our energy system. Includes four guided meditations and four meditation music downloads valued at $71.60 It generally serves as a foundation for the rest of your chakras. Often, people with a blocked root chakra are overly-concerned with either their emotional or physical well-being. Until then, I hope the guided meditation script above serves you well. For this meditation use the Mudra for the crown chakra. Love your physical body. When you find yourself feeling unsettled, overwhelmed with uncertainty, or going through major life changes, try this grounding meditation to activate your root chakra. As I mentioned it only activates your natural brain’s frequencies. The mantra sound that corresponds to the root chakra is LAM. Open your eyes at a comfortable pace and slowly become aware of your surroundings. Short Meditation Exercise for Root Chakra Once again, we have used the same script, as suggested in the book Wheels of Life: A user’s guide to the Chakras by Dr. Judith. With its element as Earth, it signifies your 'base support' or mooladhara (Sanskrit name for the chakra). It will help you to focus on the Root Chakra and bring it into balance. The corresponding body locations are the perineum, along the first three vertebrae, at the pelvic plexus. As with any meditation, preparation is essential – A few tips on Meditation Basics.. Feel free to learn and use this meditation, or … Breathe with your attention placed on the area where this first chakra is located, and imagine that the air when inhaling and exhaling is red. You can place the gemstone on the area of the chakra while lying down to help open and align it. As you exhale, move attention to the base of your spine and imagine a ruby red chakra glowing iridescently. To tap into the powerful chakra meaning of manipura, you can either try this guided meditation to clear a solar plexus chakra blockage, or try standing tall, ideally in the sun, and close your eyes. 4. All Rights Reserved. Do it at a slow pace, Take a long pause (5-10 seconds) between two paragraphs, Begin by sitting in your normal meditation posture - preferably cross legged on the floor, and if that's difficult, sit on a chair with your back and your shoulders straight, Alternatively, you could lie down on the floor (as is done in, Take a few deep breaths and calm your body and mind, Listen to the directions and follow them (pardon me for stating the obvious). Walk further and notice your surroundings. Be sure to practice this at a time when you are comfortable and unrushed. 10. The warm red glow of the chakra calms you and you feel serene and safe. In front of you is a large opening to a cave. Imagine the light pulsing at this spot. Today we are going to focus on our energy and our energetic centers, our chakras and how to feel our energy flowing again, feeling healthy and alive. Make the white energy spiral around this chakra. It’s basically the Chakra Meditation Script we created, but as a video, so it’s easier to follow it. Crystals/rocks/gems you can use with meditation (or to carry with you): clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, sugilite, grape agate, Herkimer diamond are some that you can try. Script. Join the do-meditation sangha! Feel the weight of your body resting on your root chakra - your chakra of support and belonging. Similar to Guided Root Chakra Meditation #1: Balance your root chakra, it will help you to focus on the Root Chakra and bring it into balance.. As with any meditation, preparation is essential – A few tips on Meditation Basics.. Feel free to learn and use this meditation, or use the free pre-recorded version. It 100% is. Do let me know how it worked for you by writing to me or by leaving your comments and feedback below. Get comfortable.. if you`re lying down let your whole body relax and become comfy. I hope you liked my Guided Chakra Meditation Script and don’t forget to check other meditation scripts as well. You just need to release it… to let it go… allowing your energy to flow and take care of your… body and soul. Root Chakra Meditation. There are a couple of different ways to use the guided chakra meditation script. Mentally imagine how this light, now red, envelops that first chakra. An imbalance of energy, or prana, within this chakra can cause of a lot of psychosomatic issues. The first chakra or root chakra is located at the base of the spine. I created a guided meditation (see video below) to help. You feel grounded and unshakeable like a … Take a long and deep breath. A Chakra shot is a 15-minute and 30-minute audio program, that enhance the chakra meditation. Get a free chapter from my book, Meditation-Hacker: 7 Ancient Secrets to Crack the Inner-Bliss Code and receive valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life, by subscribing to my newsletter, Kkaivalya. Script: As you sit down, feel the ground rise up to catch and support you. There are, in fact, many more chakras but these seven are the ones that we tend to talk about and work with most in terms of energy healing and chakra balancing. Another Guided Chakra Meditation Script. You feel grounded and unshakeable like a huge boulder cradled by the earth. Basically, it activates your brain’s natural frequencies when you need them. Chakra Opening Meditation Script For Beginners. As it spins faster, a ruby-red light washes over you and pervades every cell, every pore in your body. This chakra brings health, security and dynamic presence. Imagine standing at the base of a snow-capped mountain rising high into the sky. Root Chakra Meditation. As you exhale, move attention to the base of your spine. Gratitude Meditation Script . 2. I did spend vast amounts of money on these programs, so you don’t need to. ... New Chakra Meditation. This chakra healing meditation script will help you bring your entire energy system into a state of balance and peace. Chakra shot replicates this pattern with special brainwave sounds that stimulate your energy centers and improve your meditation experience. Here is the 2nd Guided Root Chakra Meditation. Profound Meditation Program 3.0 provides the smoothest, deepest, richest, most profound meditation experience available anywhere. Visualise the swirling blue light getting smaller, bringing it down to around the size of a fairy light, bringing it back down to normal function. For chakra meditation script I suggest that you enhance your experience with a unique brainwave sound called Chakra Shot. Before we being, please make sure you are in a space where you feel at ease. Chakra Meditation Script: Welcome to this journey through the seven major chakras. Breathe in and out gently, as you begin to perceive within you a growing flux of bliss… You got this. Begin to focus on your Root chakra at the base of your spine and visualize a vibrant red glowing ball of light, or if you prefer, imagine a red crystal, flower or fruit. In this meditation, we will focus on your energy centers or chakras. (Closing down the Chakra): Bring your attention back to your chest area, to the green light of the Heart Chakra. As you exhale, move attention to the base of your spine and imagine a ruby red chakra glowing iridescently. You can sit in a straddle position and lean forward and sit with your legs together and lean forward just to wake up your legs, hips, and lower back. The Sacral – Vam . Establish healthy personal boundaries. This chakra healing meditation script will help you bring your entire energy system into a state of balance and peace. Self-Love Meditation Script . Take a long and deep breath. You feel safe. Use this root chakra guided meditation for activating your kundalini chakra. Receive a free chapter from the book by subscribing to my newsletter, Kkaivalya. Breathe deeply and feel the energy funneling down to the base of your spine. Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation. Enjoy this 10 minute guided root chakra meditation Please subscribe and stay connected to our positive energy! During Root Chakra Meditation Focus on your tailbone, take a few deep breaths and relax your body. This program was made to help you open all 7 chakras, remove blockages, and re-charge your vital life force. Copying and stealing is not only wrong, but also bad karma, so please refrain from it. Gemstones for the first chakra include garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline, and bloodstone. Cover it with an orange light, pure energy, clean it, unlock it, and make it spin. Root or the Muladhara chakra is the very first chakra of the spiritual body, which is associated with survival, safety, security, and vitality. Gently rise from the stone and walk out of the room, through the passageway to outside of the cave. Guided Root Chakra Meditation. Feel safe and supported. If you want to do more Chakra work then you can now go to Root Chakra Meditation and skip the next point. It’s 10 minutes long, and we hope you’ll find it useful. The warm red glow of the chakra calms you and you feel serene and safe. Chakra Meditation – A Guided Meditation Script to Balance the Sacral Chakra. Repeat to yourself “My Throat Chakra … By Kushan KS, Copyright © 2011-2021 Pay attention to your breathing as well. If you don’t have a meditation pillow, you can use whatever suits you… you can even sit on a chair, on your couch, on your bed… Just feel at ease… feel comfortable…. Find yourself in a comfortable seated position. This is also the first chakra in the body that governs your sense of safety, security and survival. This chakra meditation is in script mode, should one want to tape it and listen to it while performing the meditation. These are just some of the qualities of a healthy and balanced root chakra. Over the years of researching various meditation programs, I’ve found out that some of them work better than the others. Remove all distractions. A gentle beam of light slipping in through a small crack in the ceiling bathes the stone with a warm glow. This guided chakra meditation will help you to connect with and bring balance to each of these major energy centers within you. Guided chakra meditation script. Feel … You begin to feel a part of the mountain. Record these instructions in your own voice or ask someone you trust to read them to you while you meditate. The best way I have found to open any of our chakras is through meditation. As you begin this practice, make sure you won’t be disturbed. Sitting cross-legged comes effortlessly to you. Introduction. Your brainwaves create a unique pattern when your chakras are aligned, opened, and fluid. You notice the cave has smooth walls and a high ceiling with a warm gentle breeze making you cozy and comfortable. Root Chakra/Muladhara. Finally, colors and gems can help bring a chakra into balance. I have created one below without mantras, but you could also add in the seven mantras and use them to do a sound healing meditation chakra on your own. 1. Like any other meditation, chakra meditation take times and regular practice to get just right and reap its maximum benefits. 2. Now see your first chakra spinning and gaining strength. Each of these colors should then be used, as described in the meditation script below it. Crown chakra meditation with mudra, mantra and singing bowls. The Solar Plexus – Ram Let’s focus on our third chakra. You can use whatever seated relaxing position as long as it makes you feel comfortable, whatever makes you feel at ease and it is completely pain-free. As I guide you through this meditation... imagine each chakra as a vortex of color and give it some movement .... make it alive .... You can do this by imagining the chakra The most optimal way to prepare for a guided chakra meditation is to adjust this session to the time you have available. Close your eyes and focus on your breath to clear all the mental clutter going on in your head. For an even more powerful method, I recommend doing meditation with a chakra singing bowl set [READ: buying a singing bowl set.] Unify Cosmos is dedicated to seed the positive aspects in everyone life and we do this through promotion of spiritual initiatives. With your arms by your sides, … In fact, I’m creating a whole guided meditation series on all the chakras over the next few weeks. Return from Root Chakra Guided Meditation to Free Guided Meditations. A free root chakra guided meditation mp3 for download is a work-in-progress and will be put on the site soon. Step forward and go inside. You can also download this meditation script for chakras as a separate PDF file. Meditation, in general, is deeply effective in helping to balance the crown chakra, as well as all the chakras. Guided Morning Meditation. Also, if you would like to try regular meditation techniques that can help open and balance your first chakra, then click on first chakra meditation to learn more. If you’ve never done a chakra meditation before, this guided script is a great way to get started. Get regular access to valuable information on meditation that you can use to improve the quality of your health and life. Before you continue with the script, I’d invite you to watch the video below. The red rhododendrons growing at the mouth of the cave sway in the gentle breeze and reflect the warm sunlight falling on them. Now let’s take things to the other level… let’s work on uniting our energy centers and create some magic… If you need some extra support to get into a state of calm with some soundwave therapy… a wonderful way to relax and get in tune with yourself to a brand-new level…, You can start by imagining a beam of light that enters the top of your head… by your seventh chakra… and that goes down directly through your central channel, parallel to your spine, to the first chakra, the root chakra…. Facebook Pinterest, Privacy Policy Terms of Use Contact Us About Us, Free Guided Body Scan Meditation Script [PDF File Included], Free Guided Self Love Meditation Script [PDF File Included], Free Guided Visualization Meditation Script [PDF File Included], Free Guided Mindfulness Meditation Script [PDF File Included], Download Free Chakra Meditation Script PDF, Free Guided Children’s Meditation Script [PDF File Included], Free Guided Grounding Meditation Script [PDF File Included]. You walk over to the stone and sit on it. Look back at the mountain and feel one with it. 2. Root chakra guided meditation script. Meditation, Spirituality and Conscious Living. We will move through the body and focus on each chakra individually and in the end journey across all seven of them. Chakra Point Color Chart. Visualize how this chakra releases the stagnating energies, how it clears up… Now mentally move the energy to the second chakra, below the navel. During Sacral Chakra MeditationGradually shift your focus from the tailbone to your belly. You see the the earth supporting and nourishing your entire being. When you learn about your 7 chakras you will learn that your root chakra, the Muladhara, is the chakra located at the base of the other chakras. Zen12 – there are 12 levels in the entire year-long Zen12 program. Menu. Root chakra meditation color: Red; Sex chakra meditation color: Orange; ... After spending a minute or two at the root chakra, move up to the sex chakra and repeat the exercise with the color orange. Here are the steps for the best chakra meditation technique for beginners. Meditation Programs That You Might Want to Try Out: 1. You can stretch a little bit before this meditation to get some energy flowing to your legs and it will help the meditation. Chakra Meditation Script. Each chakra has a corresponding sound as follows: The Root – Lam . It features a constant frequency of 10 Hz alpha sounds, with pitches that cover each of the 7 energy centers. This root chakra meditation script is intended to ground you and balance you. Strong & Supported Root Chakra Meditation. focus on the yellow color… allow the intensity of the color to grow until you feel its vibrations in every part of your body… imagine you can breathe the yellow color… fill yourself with the yellow color and feel inside you its clarity and widespread awareness that makes you strong and confident… feel that energy surrounding you…, Now let’s go ahead to our fourth chakra… breathe into very pure light, an emerald green light that enters you and settles down and then expands into your heart… try to expand this light from your heart and into all being… become that light… feel that energetic light spreading…, Now let’s focus on our fifth chakra… think about the blue color of the sky and the sea… this color is within you and starting from your throat area will spread the energy of truth, purity, cleanliness, and tranquility… see it… feel it…, It’s time to focus on our sixth chakra… this is our third eye chakra… Work on the vibrations in a calming but powerful indigo color… the color of wisdom, knowledge, and mysticism…. When you are ready, open your eyes and arise. Finally bring the energy to your crown, to the seventh chakra.

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