how many valence electrons does carbon have

The valence electrons of carbon are shown in the electron dot diagram in the Figure below. How many valence electrons does a carbon atom have? Also, many of you are confused between the valency of carbon and valence electron. Carbon is the element of group IV A.This means that carbon has four valence electrons. Carbon is in group 4, which means it has four valence electrons. ... it has 7 valence electrons, which is the number of electrons on the outer energy level, so it needs 7. Two of them are located in the first shell, while the remaining four are located in the second shell. Use iron as an example, a transitional metal with the symbol Fe, atomic number 26 , located at period 4, group 8. 2) Electron configuration of K-: [Ar] 4s2 => 2 electrons in the 4s are in the same orbital, and have different spin quantum numbers. A) CnHn B) CnHn+2 C) CnH2n D) CnH2n+2<

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