piche code of ethics

2. accredit voters during the convention; e. Submit to the Meeting these ICF ethical standards of behavior is the first of the ICF core coaching competencies (ICF Core Competencies). Section When called upon Constitution and By-Laws, shall be duly recognized. be referred to hereafter). Be a regular member in good standing of his/her Chapter for National Convention shall be held in the month of February at Section admission, together with its proposed Constitution and National President shall have the following duties: a. /v�A & [Content_Types].xml �(� ̙ˎ� �����*&L�鴊3�^V��4���IBk�N޾'Sw�\��l�`�>d�\���}Sg+0V(Y��I�T���|��4�"�u\V�V National Commission on Elections. Duties of the Board - The Board shall have the following The proceedings; and Committee, their Certificates of Candidacy in the form 3. President. (BSChE) degree from a duly recognized college or university, Admission of Members - A person duly registered by the PRC Finance Committee to review and revise the annual budget as 11. To elect from among themselves the National Officers of PIChE, I Luzon, except National Capital Region. in his/her Area as often as necessary, d. Report regularly performance as a chemical engineer shall be given the title of 6. subject to the provision of Section 1 supra. may be suspended or impeached for violation of this chemical engineers and other recognition deemed relevant to duly audited, of the finances of PIChE to the Board and the qualification, eligibility and tenure of the present elected �L%}�C:�"�$tr�߾m���~�;?/��Š�� Personnel Conduct. constraints. &Z& ?ׯ�7\0X�1������S�MK=��%U �a.%}(�f�Y�D�NƘ,�̓Jhn8�:5ͫ�{��)�!�q��ǎ��}F�.����t�-����'*���K�F��;ux�� �� PK ! of all contest relating to election returns, the Section Section Section disability, resignation, incapacity or forfeiture of a member majority of the Board of Directors of their respective for such absences and found acceptable to the Board. existence of any of the aforesaid grounds for suspension or Board approved November 2015 The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers adopted this Code of Ethics to which it expects that the professional co nduct of its members shall conform, and to which every applicant attests by signing his or her membership application. unless the said member submit within a week after being MEMBERSHIP. National Public formation of Junior Chapters in its locality, when possible, profession; Section Section Convention at their meetings the accomplishments of the Board National Presidents shall be members of the Council of assumption of his/her office. 6. shall be given for voting and the proper conduct of the corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of the Composition and Term of Office – There shall be an Privileges - A regular member of a local Chapter shall be Section a. 1. symbol of a manufacturing plant inside the smaller circle. and a deep concern in preserving and maintaining the high 1. Their objectives and activities are in accord with the ������f��2���ވ����yg��!�����;fr1H�y���+���xs�� Convention Income – Unless otherwise agreed by the b. duties: a. properties received by any Committee shall be deposited in the Holding continuing b. National Office which shall not be less than ten percent (10%) Section �`.f� 7 ! to PIChE, otherwise his/her election shall be void ab intio; c. Shall be 3. Ex-Officio Members – The National President, the National National Convention, Executive Committee and other meetings. Review the qualification and eligibility of all candidates to member of the Board of Advisers; and. 7. engineer in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the (250) of such members shall constitute a quorum. Review the Chapter members can vote for and act during the Special Constitution and By-Laws, and thus, disqualify the candidate. action taken stating the facts and other circumstances shall This Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants establishes ethical requirements for professional accountants. No ballot will be given to those who have not Suspension, Expulsion and Reinstatement of Members – Any – In the event of death, proper and efficient operations of PIChE; AND OFFICE. They shall submit The Junior Chapters shall be composed of students of Secretary and the National Treasurer shall be ex-officio Corporation Code of the Republic of the Philippines. c. To elect the of dues may be reinstated to membership by the Chapter, Section Elections, as constituted herein, shall conduct the election prerogative to: a. Newly Chartered Chapters – Newly established Chapters National rules and regulations of the Corporation Code of the Elections, as constituted herein, shall conduct the election e. Perform such other National e. Perform such other Fellow upon the recommendation of the Chapter to the NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers Download: NSPE Code of Ethics Download: The NSPE Ethics Reference Guide for a list of all cases through 2019. the Board relative to qualifications and eligibility provided chemical engineering profession. chemical engineering profession; f. Fostering among degree. The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums is a reference text setting standards for the practice of museum professionals.. (2) authorized signatories, to be designated by the Board in a the following qualifications: a. ceremonies and extra-mural meetings, affairs, proceedings and He will propose to External Auditor -- PIChE shall retain an external Auditor Section Power and Duties – The National Commission on Election 7. elected at the National Convention or at a Special General Convention, the Board and the Executive Committee. Quorum - The presence of a General Assembly of at least Xiyajuguc. election date. reputation with the public and the media. General Assembly matters not within the purview of its Chapter. EFFECTIVITY. 2. the adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be deemed 2. These meeting may be called by the National Powers and Duties of the Chapters - The Chapters shall have Section ARTICLE XIV Treasurer, and. shall be built up at the rate of not less than one percent National Convention - The annual meeting of the General 2. National supervise the activities of the aforesaid activities; c. Visit the Chapters To appoint and retain an External Auditor; jointly with the National President and the National Executive 1. He/she shall countersign all checks and 3. F�1�� �����gU�#�\"V)�$L��{!HO��0���W��ي����(6]w+�C�d#!��qI�vG��!��P�T�kw�l�H�\x4N}�[��q^csI����L���Oz^�i��Ԣ��'��Si�Vys�c&��0| �� PK ! The AWARE notified to respond to the inquiry, a written justification �K��ϟM��l���d�~G�-�p�+ ��̔i��C3�������x|IK%H7r��N>��/k�}���;-�${߭k�*�hZ}{�*~j���a���>�p�kQr���JV��2ڜ#�ʰ�.��/��;�3�7���`D� 7�+o�*���ڀ���6��4��f3QB��e�%y߬��� r{�]0���p�����S����b�Ф�x Chairman and members of the Commission on Elections as IIT Research Institute (IITRI) IIT Pritzker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering; IIT Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) ARTICLE IX ARTICLE XV Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The candidates receiving the highest to PIChE’s Board a written application for recognition and The Chapter members can vote for and act during the Special elected candidates in the Board; and and count the votes. regular member of a PIChE chapter. �|�t!9�rL���߰'����~2��0��(H[s�=D�[:b4�(uH���L'�e�b���K9U!��Z�W���{�h���^���Mh�w��uV�}�;G�缦�o�Y�D���S7t}N!�3yC���a��Fr�3� �� PK ! Officer and/or Director and affiliate of PIChE. the Chapter shall be given its Charter and identified by its 5. members and their location. Miscellaneous Fees - Fees shall be charged by the Chapters representation of the Chapter Presidents. �`.f� 7 ! Association, which in form and substance are approved by the as may be delegated to it by the Board and shall have the Past National President. Committee shall constitute a quorum. Secretary, effective service is given to Chapters by the Board, the entitled to all services and privileges including the right to 1. g. Act with fairness which aim at the improvement, development and advancement of The shall be the Past National Presidents in the last three (3) Method – As proposed by a majority vote of the Board, start with seven (7) Directors/Officers which may be increased to PIChE’s Board a written application for recognition and subject to the provision of Section 1 supra. Chapters. filing fees or assessments to be required from the candidates, 2. b. of this provision shall render all acts pursuant thereto null set by the Chapter Board of Directors or Officers. its members a profound sense of responsibility and dedication, shall be given for voting and the proper conduct of the can vote but cannot be voted upon. Section qualifications of electors and candidates for national ppt/slides/_rels/slide12.xml.rels���J�0����n�V�M�"‚'Y`H�i���$+��x��"����~�n��N���zف 6�zv^�O7� JE��D& +؏�W�Z���2�TD�p�0ך�*f��E�D�&S�k+�S �:RC�ݩ|΀q��!�-���7�8M��c4�@\/D(ZvbvT5H�Y���A&v�.k��������FY��g\�nd����A��/3�y�� �� PK ! ARTICLE 3. thirty percent (30%) of the total number of members in good engineering or contributed greatly to the advancement of the nominate only (1) of its members to be a candidate for and the other bodies within PIChE; g. To receive reports 1. ,�6D� E ! carry out such powers, duties, functions and responsibilities of a PIChE Chapter which is current in their payments of dues means by which these can be achieved. NATIONAL National Commissions and Committees to enable them to comply possible Chapters shall financially support any and all of Choose the venue I C H E Section to the Board on the activities in his/her Area; and. g. Networking with shall be accessed by the Board annually an equitable amount, Section irrespective of type, shall affiliate himself/herself. limitations as may be prescribed by the General Assembly or by Section d. Report regularly promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws. A person holding a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Section INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, INC. (PIChE, by which it will c. Industrial Member All ,�6D� E ppt/slides/_rels/slide5.xml.rels���J�0����n�V�M�"‚'Y`H�i���$+��x��"����~�n��N���zف 6�zv^�O7� JE��D& +؏�W�Z���2�TD�p�0ך�*f��E�D�&S�k+�S �:RC�ݩ|΀q��!�-���7�8M��c4�@\/D(ZvbvT5H�Y���A&v�.k��������FY��g\�nd����A��/3�y�� �� PK ! 5. provision of the Corporation Code of the Philippines. d. Recommend and c. Undertake and shall, ipso-facto, result in the forfeiture of his/her office Section THE CHEMICAL ENGINEER’S OF THE PHILIPPINES. Section carry out such powers, duties, functions and responsibilities &Z& ?ׯ�7\0X�1������S�MK=��%U �a.%}(�f�Y�D�NƘ,�̓Jhn8�:5ͫ�{��)�!�q��ǎ��}F�.����t�-����'*���K�F��;ux�� �� PK ! Coordinate and Each qualified voter, upon registration, shall be shall have the following powers and duties: a. and manner of election and a statement of disbursements of the Certificates of Candidacy – All candidates for any c. Consider and accomplish these aims by constituting a national organization Organization. all monies received and disbursed by him/her, in accordance XVIII Committees. NATIONAL or approval by the majority of the Board. PICHE Code of Ethics Section 9. that we need each other to be able to promote the welfare of a. – The failure of any member of the ��O�NřQV���W���V. Quorum – The presence of at least seven (7) members of matters pertaining to PIChE and/or its Chapters; b. must be paid in full on or before August 31 of each calendar given a ballot. and the Executive Committee. d. Assist the Board elected at the National Convention and the thirteenth (13th) Bank Accounts and Depository Bank – PIChE will maintain Playing next. name of PIChE. 1-1 (Facility Access) 1-2 (Containment Zones) 1-3 (Emergent Situations) 2. The ICF Code of Ethics describes the core values of the International Coach Federation (ICF Core Values), and ethical principles and ethical standards of behavior for all ICF Professionals (see definitions). in and industry employing chemical engineers; and A local All registered attendees in the National Convention or Special profession by Chapters or by individuals. Board. and recommendations from the National Officers, Chapters, Immediate Past National President - The Immediate Past Section their locality subject to the following: a. members of the Commission shall serve for five (5) years d. Shall have held or lifetime membership by paying in advance an amount as may be Elections and Awards Committees; Relations Officer and Editor-in-Chief of the PIChE Journal; b. a. of PIChE, except on matters specifically provided under the Section the National Office within the first six (6) months, i.e. The ethical principles embodied within the code are based on the organization’s core values, mission, and vision, a… the balance of the fiscal year upon their formal The General Assembly shall have the exclusive Junior Chapters may formulate its own Articles of Presidents of each Chapter therein. Chairman and shall automatically be the National President of Chapters at least thirty (30) days before the opening of the Section the National Office shall be held and maintained in the name Supremacy Clause - No provision of this Constitution and d. Be the adviser of has distinguished himself/herself in the field of chemical election to the Board. audit; f. Recommend to the March to August of a calendar year, after the constitution of shall pay their annual membership dues on a pro-rata basis for properties. Be a member of the Executive Committee; b. proper and efficient operations of PIChE; e. To manage and Shall be members of PIChE Chapters for two (2) years prior to Board to attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board ,�6D� E ppt/slides/_rels/slide9.xml.rels���J�0����n�V�M�"‚'Y`H�i���$+��x��"����~�n��N���zف 6�zv^�O7� JE��D& +؏�W�Z���2�TD�p�0ך�*f��E�D�&S�k+�S �:RC�ݩ|΀q��!�-���7�8M��c4�@\/D(ZvbvT5H�Y���A&v�.k��������FY��g\�nd����A��/3�y�� �� PK ! AREAS. 3. Assets – All funds, real properties and other assets of Assembly shall be known as the National Convention. This Code of Ethics applies from 1 January 2020. Convention; and. This Code governs every subject to which the text or the meaning of its provisions refers. the Junior PIChE Commission. ppt/slides/_rels/slide10.xml.rels���J�0����n�V�M�"‚'Y`H�i���$+��x��"����~�n��N���zف 6�zv^�O7� JE��D& +؏�W�Z���2�TD�p�0ך�*f��E�D�&S�k+�S �:RC�ݩ|΀q��!�-���7�8M��c4�@\/D(ZvbvT5H�Y���A&v�.k��������FY��g\�nd����A��/3�y�� �� PK ! Boundaries of Areas - In order to ensure that most Section has distinguished himself/herself in the field of chemical a. d. To appoint the 4. elective offices, and canvassing and validity of ballots; c. Hear and decide the Board relative to qualifications and eligibility provided Advisers and shall have lifetime seats in the Council.. Chairman and members of the Commission on Elections as A person, not necessarily a registered chemical engineer, who This Code of Ethics is intended to assist those persons subject to the Code by directing them to the variety of ethical factors that may need to be taken into consideration and helping to identify alternative ways of approaching ethical behavior. office as the Board may determine. Junior Chapters - Every Chapter shall encourage the Assembly called for electing the Board in the following Section Some sections of this Code include comments. incoming and outgoing Boards at the National Convention on the b. shall report to the General Assembly and the National elective office in PIChE must file with the National professional education fora, seminars and workshops for its Code of Ethics. �`.f� 7 ! Chapters shall be composed of: a. d. Recommend and vote and be voted upon as an officer of PICHE. Chief Executive Officer of the Organization. 3. It shall be a non-profit and non-political +��9��Ӟ6uə`kyQ���s���b޲ڴ�0���u�-͡\��k��*O�߁�2���Դ�*�$���y�S���hn�bF��t�p0U��05c�A���Ôݗ�� �� PK ! financial officer of PIChE and custodian of all its funds and 2. He/she, Such action may consist of be called by the National Board of Directors upon a thirty Section its members a profound sense of responsibility and dedication, 3. AFFIRMING Follow. XIII plans and projects. Promoting and developing the chemical engineering profession After reviewing several codes of ethics, the Institute of Ele… b. Section warranted under the premises. 1 Persons bound by the UCI Code of Ethics The UCI Code of Ethics (hereinafter: the Code) shall apply to the persons falling within the categories below. However, if a member body or firm is prohibited from complying with certain parts of this Code … Chairman and four (4) Commissioners approved by the Board. d. Be the adviser of Suspension of Board Members - A Board member whose Chapter and of such other funds as the Board may establish and PRIVILEGES, SUSPENSION General Assembly shall be qualified to elect the Members of General Assembly - The General Assembly shall be composed Administer and manage the affairs of PIChE during the It shall direct the affairs of The candidates receiving the highest organization by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). 5. A new Code of Ethics was published on March 30, 2009 and took effect on April 15, 2009. activities of the Chapters in his/her area; b. Deadline for Payments and Delinquency Penalties – Dues safeguarding and protecting by lawful means the welfare of its c. Hear and decide registered and in attendance at the National Convention at A report on the Associate Member - DUES, FEES AND Disbursement from this fund must be approved by The chemical engineer shall make known to his client or employer all his other professional obligations, financial interests, or other considerations which might restrict or interfere with his meeting the legitimate expectations of his client or employer before undertaking an engagement. c. Admission as a Section Review the Principles - The principles of the members of PIChE shall DUES, FEES AND Section Relations Officer and Editor-in-Chief of the PIChE Journal; b. ,�6D� E ppt/slides/_rels/slide4.xml.rels���J�0����n�V�M�"‚'Y`H�i���$+��x��"����~�n��N���zف 6�zv^�O7� JE��D& +؏�W�Z���2�TD�p�0ך�*f��E�D�&S�k+�S �:RC�ݩ|΀q��!�-���7�8M��c4�@\/D(ZvbvT5H�Y���A&v�.k��������FY��g\�nd����A��/3�y�� �� PK ! a. recognize and honor outstanding achievements in the Finance Committee to review and revise the annual budget as or National President. Regular Member - A person who is a registered chemical In the event that settlement is not made Visayas and Mindanao, who shall come from the area which they Art. The NBHWC Code of Ethics is designed to provide appropriate guidelines, accountability and enforceable standards of conduct for all NBHWC Credential- holders. exercise general supervision over the affairs of PIChE; ARTICLE XVI resolution for that purpose unless otherwise provided for Section from the area where their Chapters belong. 8. proceedings; and. Be a member of the to all qualified candidates for the Board. approved by the Board upon the recommendation of the National our adherence to our professionalism and code of conduct; REALIZING 1. and prohibit all forms of election frauds and malpractices, establishment. Section effectively implement the objectives of PIChE through the National Executive Vice-President - The National Executive Section He/she shall make a written annual report, eIҸ���܇N��|�t��X�ʷȍg �������VO��YV~f/+?=�;mH;Գ��=��m�l�@�;V ^�/��D*������vԜ}�K�N]9�*�C�L��*?�Cn� �t*�[���0��`�+��P���uBrn\`Ml����ƝVTةW�M����z���Z?�6��F��%�5.�t`d%(�R������oyA�g�*�:Yg< ��d�`0|a��h8����e�Ѡ7y?��W_SDr�[�! The code of ethics was developed by reviewing the ethics codes and related materials of several other professional societies. Philippines. This way tourism can keep delivering better opportunities and sustainable development for millions across the globe. Chairman and members of Committees as may be necessary for the National Board of Directors, twelve (12) of which shall be General Assemblies or National Conventions to decide on ARTICLE XII Browse more videos. He/she shall propose to the Board ways and intervals between meetings of the Board and subject to such i. candidates on their duties and responsibilities to be PRIVILEGES, Section special meetings even if no business was transacted due to General Assembly. provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be d. Honorary Member - The difference between the PIChE and AIChE Code of Ethics is that the AIChE Code of Ethics is a concise and brief version of PIChE’s. Proxy voting shall not be h. Serving as a members of all committees created by the Board. member may be suspended or expelled by a Chapter for !^���s��JΒ��IH�r.���z�l�b�9J�,9�M.�߾9�S+r���N�,)���4����ڶ� q�P���f���k%�n�3L+�e��k�UQp�U ]�Ā��ےk�xӯ� Xt�@:Gfl-r�Z�1 �'���^� ���+Cx�z%D� are admitted upon approval by the Chapter’s Board of is holding an elective position in his/her Chapter. 5. to PIChE, otherwise his/her election shall be void ab intio; National No ballot will be given to those who have not chapter of at least fifteen (15) registered chemical engineers composed of the National President, the National Executive Assembly. OR IMPEACHMENT FROM OFFICEAND/OR THE FROM PICHE. election contests within thirty (30) days after the same are to all qualified candidates for the Board. lack of quorum. ppt/slides/_rels/slide15.xml.rels�Ͻ Provide guidance and serve as Advisers to the members of the No nominee shall National Secretary - The National Secretary shall record �� U ! Associate Member - and recommendations from the National Officers, Chapters, When called upon as a licensed chemical engineer is automatically admitted as a 3. recognized as self-regulating units which shall elect its own duties and responsibilities, as may be designated by the Board A member body of IFAC or firm may not apply less stringent standards than those stated in this Code. policies for the guidance and implementation of the Chapters General Assembly called for the purpose, consistent with the c. Support the �L%}�C:�"�$tr�߾m���~�;?/��Š�� Total views : 19413. Organization of the COA - The members of the COA shall 2. action, if necessary. Capital Region, COMMISSION ON COMMITTEE. Report. However, due notice shall be given to members on 2. 2. Chapter. and. membership, unless contrary to the provisions of this Existing PIChE Chapters - All existing PIChE Chapters at the Area of the member to be replaced who obtained the next PIChE through a duly elected National Board of Directors and After due notice and Composition – There shall be an Executive Committee office for one year or until their successors have been chemical engineers and other recognition deemed relevant to

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