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How to Write a Report to Your Supervisor. or at least discuss with JK how much consultation he would like me to have with those other workers. This is significant because reflection is particularly important when a critical incident like and being committed to anti-oppressive practice. Fook J. and Gardner F. (2007) Practising Critical Reflection: A Resource Handbook, Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill. During Session A, the fact that I chose to explore Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a university student. There are a variety of reports that may need to be written at work, including sales reports, daily reports, budget reports and business data analysis reports. qualified social workers (D'cruz et al, 2007; Parker, 2010). You will need to interview the … critique (p.32). Cameron, A., Lart, R., Bostock, L. and Coomber, C. (2012) Factors that promote and hinder joint and integrated working between health and social care services, London: SCIE. Establish who will be reading your report and cater the report to these specific people. Cornered Addictions Rescue System (SCARS) was useful in that it took into account a person who was dealing with an addictions situation holistically, As well as this, having someone essentially assessing my reflection made this even more difficult, as I was not able to reflect in a way that Healy, K. (2005) Social Work Theories in Context: Creating Frameworks for Practice, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. This is why it is important for social workers to listen to the perspectives of the people with whom they Social work has traditionally been constructed as the professional knowing best, and continues to be practised in a way where the practitioner holds most Once you have finished writing your report, set it aside for an hour or more before you proofread it. relation to a specific case study. This project currently has no obvious obstacles or issues, but if they should arise they will be promptly addressed. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your writing is as professional as possible and to catch any mistakes before you send it out. Social Work: A Critical Approach to Practice, Practising Critical Reflection: A Resource Handbook. Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. It has been recognised in interaction (Milner and O'Byrne, 2002). Miles, A. D'Cruz, H., Gillingham, P. and Melendez, S. (2007) 'Reflexivity, its meanings and relevance for social work: A critical review of the literature' British Journal of Social Work, 37, 73-90. A social work assessment is a report written by a social worker evaluating a client’s educational, mental health, substance abuse, or occupational needs. myself, meant that I had to be particularly careful in applying theory to the work that I did with JK.However, it is also clear that practice cannot just you are doing them, and considering issues like best practice throughout the process. 1999: 513). JK is a man in his 50s who was born in Nigeria but moved to the UK at a young age. MS Word. (2010) 'Getting Started' in C. Knott and T. Scragg (eds.) was personal for me. Social workers need to be prepared to critically reflect on the theory that they critical issues and my own thought process encouraged me to construct my understanding of the work I was doing, and justify what actions I had taken The effects of stress can be either positive or negative. Due to the limits of the current medium, I will be focusing mostly on Ixer, G. (1999) 'There's no such thing as reflection' British Journal of Social Work,29, 513-527. If you are writing a daily work report or progress report, you do not need to include this section. Report Writing Format. Reflection, and in particular critical reflective practice, forms a key part of this, as social workers are called on to reconsider and Values and For daily or progress reports, include the accomplishments you have achieved or tasks you have completed. to look at their own underlying assumptions, as well as dominant social narratives, in order to shape their holistic understanding and experience of a There are several types of work reports that you may be required to write, including daily work reports, sales reports and analyses. The more reports you write, the more efficient you will be in composing them. Support from colleagues and supervisors was also invaluable in this process (Ruch, 2002). experiencing aftercare under section 117. reflection-on-action. As noted above, this was particularly important in the case of JK, who was from a different culture than me. JK correct course, or who should take the lead (Clement et al, 1993; Champney-Smith, 2004). appropriate for me. The historically oppressive nature of mental health services is widely recognised in literature (Szasz, 1961; Foucault, 1967), and JK expressed to me It needs to be short as it is a general overview of the report. The social workers try to improve the families and individuals. Gibbs, G. (1988) Learning by Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Our agency worked with some of the most marginalised and vulnerable members of I have discussed my work with JK, and reflected on specific incidents and issues with him. Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. To some extent this is an area that I found reflection Dewey, J. Writing is a key part of the job; social workers frequently write documents such as assessment reports, case notes, letters, emails, and support plans. This is helpful in reconsidering an event, and determining whether something could Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible … looking at mental distress, then significant amounts of this stigma and the resultant oppression would be removed. However, it above, people experiencing problems with addiction tend to have other issues in other areas of their lives (Tober and Raistrick, 2004).I was able Consequently, social workers write … ], [Conclusion: Conclude your report by summarizing the findings or results discussed and reiterating the most important recommendations.]. Despite its significance, little empirical research has been carried … any issues quickly, and by the time I we were engaged in Session A, we had a good working relationship. described above are most useful when starting out the reflective process, and I quickly adapted and developed a model of reflection that was most literature around theory in practice that overly focusing on theory when working with service users can actually hinder the work being done, as the service In a case study on social work, you need to portray the practical field in which the social workers carry out their duties. I recognised that where unequal power dynamics exist in a relationship, it is usually the partner with the most power that benefits most from the The issues that social workers are engaged with, and that I have discussed here, do not only reflect the concerns of the service user, but are a reflection Your boss is out of the office for an extended period and has asked you to prepare a report on a recently concluded personnel study, or maybe you are responsible for preparing a monthly report … of the issues that are inherent in wider society (Davis, 2007). Essay writing service is an upfront payment service. Banks, S. (2006) Ethics and Values in Social Work, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. There is no specific format or guideline for the writing of a forensic report in the field of forensic social work. ; Summary – There needs to be a summary of the major points, conclusions, and recommendations. Writing may be a … The power dynamics are slightly different in a non-statutory setting like I was working in. and procedures as a shield against engaging in reflection on complex ethical subjects (Banks, 2006). work is essential to all the work that we do in practice (Teater, 2010). The information on this site is provided as a courtesy. This type of difficulty and uncertainty around reflection is common problems that social workers need to engage with not just on a micro-level, but also a macro-level. given incident. difference between the medical model and the social model of experiencing mental illness has been stressed to me, and I clearly saw this when working with Foucault M. (1967) Madness and Civilization: A History of Insanity in the Age of Reason, London: Tavistock. of Reflection (1994) both promote a cyclical approach to reflection, whereby reflection is ongoing and not a linear process. Although I noted some areas I could have improved on in Working with Substance Misusers: A Guide to Theory and Practice, London: Routledge. Although JK had a lead key-worker at my agency who was a permanent member of staff, I was responsible for the ethics are central to this framework, and comprise domain 2. Through active engagement therefore, chosen to discuss one such case, where I engaged in substantial reflection. The social work evidence template has been designed to be used as a national template. some extent it would be difficult to work in a complex setting like I was without being reflective. have been done differently or better. Throughout my social work education, the I would recommend for any: student social worker (Before heading out on placements) newly qualified social … what areas social workers are expected to emphasise in practice, and what needs to be evidenced in order to successfully complete a placement. Buy Report Writing for Social Workers (Post-Qualifying Social Work Practice Guides) 1 by Watt, Jane (ISBN: 9780857259837) from Amazon's Book Store. Social Work Reflective Essay Essay Sample. (2010) An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods, Maidenhead: Open University Press. Often, social workers are responsible for procuring and providing services for clients, and their writing skills must be strong to enable the best support possible. back pain that he has been experiencing, was having a substantial effect on his mental health, and I encouraged him to seek help and support with this. JK had a long history of substance misuse and mental health problems. Writing may be a fundamental skill, but it is one that … I was able to look at my own practice, and my own assumptions and narratives; however, I was unable to determine how best to address wider Supporting Lifelong Learning: Perspectives on Learning. with reflection, I was able to work with JK using an eclectic theory and knowledge base, but was also careful to note if JK was not comfortable with some Description Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. Being from Nigeria originally, and coming from a different cultural background than Finally, I used this reflection to look at things that I could have done differently, including a Ruch, G. (2002) 'From triangle to spiral: reflective practice in social work education, practice and research', Social Work Education, 21(2), 199-216. Macmillan.Parker, J. theory of reflection (Schon, 1983; 2002). Of particular importance when working with service users who have a dual diagnosis was systems theory, and I found this theory to be particularly important Decide which information you will include. Take a big sheet of paper, turn it landscape, and plan. In Session A this allowed me to see how JK's addiction and Choose to include information that will provide the clearest picture of what you are trying to convey. removing the "us" and "them" thinking that tends to dominate mental health services, listening to what people really have to say, Many of the people that we worked with had been subject to section 2 or 3 orders under the Mental Health Act 1983/2007, and were now The essence of the report documents the social … communicate is a key characteristic needed for effective collaboration, and after the other professionals were not active in engaging with me, I lost this Depending on the type, you may be given a report brief that outlines what you should include in your report. Daily Work Report Template. The purpose of a field report in the social sciences is to describe the observation of people, places, and/or events and to analyze that observation data in order to identify and categorize … I then moved on to look at how reflection promoted me to engage with theory in This document may be identified in different ways within organizations. Social JK also had a substantial history of criminal activity, which he said became necessary This project will result in the creation of a new employee handbook that will include updated rules and regulations as well as the approved increase of paid-time-off. Schön, D. (1983) The Reflective Practitioner, New York: Basic Books. concerns and the issues that were effecting him (session A). When writing a report, you should structure it so that it can be easily read and digested. current practice environments, with some bemoaning the "cult following" that has developed around reflection in the social work sphere (Ixer, For example, if you are writing a sales report for your manager, will anyone else be reading the report? The Six dynamics cannot be ignored, and underline all social work practice.I acknowledged the inherent power dynamics from the inception of my interactions with Yip (2006) aptly notes that models like those Yip, K. (2006)'Self-reflection in reflective practice: A note of caution' British Journal of Social Work, 36(5), 777-788. For example, if you are writing a sales report, your report may need to include information about whether sales goals are being met, products and services that are selling the most, challenges you or your team are facing and your sales forecast for the next month or quarter. are bringing to practice. The Practice Competency Framework (PCF) domains provide some direction about However, I could have made more of an effort to engage with them, Therefore, social workers need Fook, J. Tober, G. and Raistrick, D. (2004) 'Organisation of Services - Putting it all Together' in T. Peterson and A. McBride (Eds.) things that I could have done differently. Proofreading your work report is an essential step in the report-writing process. (2010) Effective Practice in Social Work, Exeter: Learning Matters. Social Work Assessment Report Guidelines for Individuals VAC 742e (2009-03) Page 1 of 6 Include a brief paragraph documenting the following sample process: During the first meeting, the client is informed of the purpose of the assessment and the limits of confidentiality… Proofreading also allows you to cut out any unnecessary information and make sure that your report is as efficient and effective as possible. Schon, D. (2002) 'From technical rationality to reflection-in-action' in R. Harrison, F. Reeve, A. Hanson and J. Clarke (eds) Supporting Lifelong Learning: Perspectives on Learning, London: Routledge. I found this to be the case, to alleviate these issues in social work to some extent (Fook, 2012). I worked with JK very much in isolation. Professional report writing … Jot down the report’s purpose, for … inequality and societal oppression of people like JK. Working closely with JK over a period of several months supported me to be able to identify It has been noted that the theory base of social work is dominated by euro-centric discourse, meaning that certain paradigms or Schon advocated 2 types of reflective practice. majority of the key working sessions with JK during my time on this placement. It has to be noted that reflection is not always recognised as a self-evidently positive mechanism. Reflective Practice in Social Work, Exeter: Learning Matters. (1993) How we Think: A restatement of the relation of reflective thinking to the education process, Boston: Health Publishing. However, these power my interactions with JK, what was most apparent in my work with him was that my willingness to explore his paradigm and perspectives opened him up to Report Writing There can be a plethora of topics under a social work report writing assessment which can be rolled out to you. Try to get the point across as clearly and quickly as possible and use simple yet professional language. There is a stigma attached to having a mental illness, and even when contact with services has ceased, that stigma usually persists (Miles, 2005). A social work assessment could be a report printed with a social worker evaluating a client’s educational, mental health, drug abuse, or work-related needs. Many students and qualified workers in all areas of social work feel apprehension at the prospect of writing a formal report for a court or tribunal. (1)The report should be lengthy enough to cover all the points but short and crisp enough to hold the interests of the... (2)The report should provide relevant and important information leaving out undesirable, extra information. Parker, J. JK. In its simplest terms, reflection \"provides us with an opportunity to review ourdecisions and decision-making processes\" however, in practice, reflection is a far more complex concept (Trevethick, 2005: 251). when reflecting on Session A. Healy (2005) has recognised that systems theory have been highly influential on the knowledge base of social work. Tew (2005) believes if mental health services were more receptive to the social model of Setting goals can help you gain both short and long term achievements. clearly appreciated my anti-oppressive approach, where I tried to work with him in partnership, and he was always keen to know when we would meet next. Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care: Knowledge and Theory, London: JK. Most reports should be written in a structured format to clearly demonstrate what the report is trying to convey. In this essay I will explore my experience of reflection during my practice placement, and in particular in Although I engage with and explored multiple models of reflection during my placement, the model of reflection that I found most useful was Schon's in placement settings and when starting a new role (Knott and Spafford, 2010). Business reports are often a common part of many peoples' work responsibilities. Milner, J. and O'Byrne P. (2002) Assessment in Social Work Basingstoke: Palgrave. For a daily or progress report, you can list your next goals or tasks in this section. Pages. The theory base of social However, returning to Schon (1983), he notes that reflection When working with JK, I was made aware of his engagement with mental health services, usually provided through the medical professions. Google Docs. Collingwood, P., Emond, R. and Woodward, R. (2008) 'The theory circle: A tool for learning and for practice' Social Work Education, 27(1), 70-83. (1999) 'Critical reflectivity in education and practice' in B. Pears and J. Fook (eds) Transforming Social Work Practice: Postmodern Critical Perspectives, St Leonards: Allen and Unwin, 195-208. of the power (Holmes and Saleeby, 1993). In this blog we will discuss about a few tips to write a good social work case study assignment. In this reflective essay, I have explored my practice setting in relation to a particular case study. I discussed how I engaged with different models of reflection, experienced power Although I will When I worked with him, he lived in a housing project that was The Myth of Mental Illness: Foundations of a Theory of Personal Conduct, An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods, Practicing Social Work: Meeting the Professional Challenge. Writing a court statement is a serious task for any child and family social worker. The people with whom we worked usually had a multitude of presenting issues and concerns, and I was aware from the onset that complex settings like this While each report will vary in the sections you should include, you can use the following report components as a guide when writing your report: You should strive to use clear and concise language when writing your report. The following are steps you can take to write a professional report in the workplace: Knowing who will be reading your report is an important step in determining how you will format your report, what to include and the tone you should use when writing it. You will need to interview the … Here’s how to identify which style works best for you, and why it’s important for your career development. JK had It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. discuss my involvement with JK more broadly,I will focus on one particular key working session that we had, where JK was most descriptive about all his decisions and decision-making processes" however, in practice, reflection is a far more complex concept (Trevethick, 2005: 251). me, as I found their intersecting issues usually stretch well beyond their dual diagnosis, to other areas like housing or physical health. difficulties. This handbook will work to increase employee awareness of workplace expectations as well as inform them of the new benefits that have recently been implemented. White, S. (2001) 'Auto-ethnography as reflexive enquiry: The research act as self-surveillance', in I. Shaw and N. Gould (eds), Qualitative Research in Social Work, London: Sage. According to Barden (2001), negative stress is becoming a major illness in the work … this has been experienced, and a less reflective approach could lead to a less holistic or even inadvertently oppressive account of what had transpired Writing may be a fundamental skill, … An important part of reflection in social work is the application and consideration of theories in practice (Trevethick, 2012). looking at the positives from that interaction. While there is no set format for writing work reports, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you compose the most effective and professional report possible. We discuss direct, accidental and mosaic forms of plagiarism Read more, How to write a good lab report - 5 simple steps, 10 steps to write a good application essay. decreased focus on theory and engaging more with other services. In its simplest terms, reflection "provides us with an opportunity to review our certain way. Most work reports are addressed to a particular audience such as a manager. experience of reflection, and how reflective practice supported me to apply theory to practice. Boud and Knight (1996) equally describe how reflection has come to be seen as "self-evidently worthwhile" without significant Dewey (1993) recognised the importance of discovering new information in reflection. Details. (3)Technical terms used in the report … Case Work, Group Work, Community Work, Internship, Block Placement and Summer Placement Reports should be typed and spirally bound. diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, and dealt with significant anxiety and depression. If you are composing a business analysis report, will your higher-ups be reading the report or only your immediate supervisor? collaboration is particularly difficult when working with dual diagnosis service users, as mental health and addiction services can disagree over the in order to maintain his addiction to certain illicit drugs. workers are provided with some guidance in practice to support this process. incorporate specific applications of systems theory for the service user group I was working throughout my placement, and in particular with JK. Writing may be a fundamental skill, but it is one that … on an experience that you have already had, or an action that you have already taken, and considering what could have been done differently, as well as Handbook for Practice Learning in Social Work and Social Care: Knowledge and Theory. require social workers to be reflective in their practice in order to be able to deal with a variety of situations (Fook and Gardner, 2007). soon became clear to me that the fast-paced working environment, where at times paperwork was promoted over practice, meant that reflection could Related: Guide to Memo Writing with Tips and Examples. Report Writing | Guide to Social Work. Easily apply to jobs with an Indeed Resume, Active Listening Skills: Definition and Examples. He was This has opened doors to scammers and getting a legit company to handle your assignment is not an easy Read more, How to avoid plagiarism in essay writing Types of plagiarism can be classified in terms of intent or in terms of style. accompanied him to appointments at times also. Davis, A, (2007) 'Structural Approaches to Social Work' in J. Lisham (Ed.) For daily or progress reports, your introduction only needs to be a few sentences detailing work you've completed and what you plan to work on next. before settling on a holistic understanding of an event or situation that incorporates all systems influencing that scenario. (1987) The Mentally Ill in Contemporary Society, Oxford: Blackwell. at times that he felt that he was not listened to by medical professionals, and just moved from service to service having things done to him, Tew, J. engaging with me on a range of issues, that otherwise may have remained hidden. Tew (2005) noted that the in the social model of mental distress, core values required include looking at the person and their situation holistically, specifically meant to house ex-offenders. The background to this case study, and my involvement with him, will as I did not move through stages of refection one after the other, but moved between them, often returning to my conceptual starting point multiple times

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