viburnum dentatum chicago lustre

Chicago Lustre (available in garden centers) or local native stands of arrowwood can serve as pollinators. Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' Chicago Lustre® Arrowwood Viburnum Upright-rounded habit and glossy dark-green foliage; creamy white flowers appear in June, followed by ornamental clusters of … Foliage stays green later in the fall than other viburnums before turning … CHICAGO LUSTRE® Viburnum - Arrowwood. Viburnum dentatum is a polymorphic species, meaning that it has more than one form or morph. Item Description On Hand Ready; VIBCHLAQT: VIBURNUM CHICAGO LUSTRE 1 QUART LINER: 792: F20-S21 * * see … All Rights Reserved. No worries. Native to North America; Deer resistant; Shade tolerant; Description. Chicago Lustre™ Arrowwood Viburnum. The fall color is reddish purple and the selection blooms … Does Chicago Lustre Arrowwood Viburnum need cross pollination? Produces clusters of tiny white flowers that may be followed by blue-black fruit with a compatible pollinator present. Category: Flowering Shrubs; Hardiness Zone: 5-7; Height: 8-10 ft; Spread: 8-10 ft; Login To View … Cooperative Extension, which … Category: Viburnum dentatum. Viburnums for American Gardens by Michael Dirr. Viburnum dentatum NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Matures at 10-12' tall and 8-10' wide. Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat. Glossy foliage is the most notable … © 2020 Monrovia Nursery Company. Note: This plant is currently NOT for sale. Glossy, dark green foliage turns yellow to burgundy in autumn. The deciduous arrowwood viburnum (Viburnum dentatum) grows easily in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 3 through 8. Phlox (Phlox); Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica); Chokeberry (Aronia); Bee Balm (Monarda); Aster (Aster). password. With V. dentatum there are several similar and related forms and species and together they are referred to as the "dentatum" complex. VIBURNUM DENTATUM 'SYNNESVEDT' Availability. Blue fruit turns black with age. The creamy white … 'Synnestvedt' (Chicago Lustre ®) - Noted for its nice glossy, deep green foliage on an upright rounded shrub, this plant grows 8' to 10' tall and wide. I am selling 2 Chicago Lustre Viburnum Plants. Extremely durable, attractive, large, upright, rounded shrub with arching branches. A Chicagoland Grows® … Flowers have white petals, with yellow stamens projecting beyond the petals, giving a creamy white appearance, in early summer. This page is preserved for informational use. Flowers and fruit of the species. Noteworthy Characteristics. Plan C: Purchase different cultivars of the same species of viburnum. In other cases - for instance with … It is a tough but gorgeous North American Native … Chicago Lustre Viburnum is covered in stunning creamy white flat-top flowers at the ends of the branches in late spring. Whenever you connect with nature, connect with us! Viburnum dentatum, commonly called arrowwood viburnum, is an upright, rounded, multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub which typically matures to 6-10' tall with a similar spread, … cutting grown) Arrowwood Viburnums (V. dentatum cultivars) are monoecious (produce both male and female flowers on the same plant) but are not self-fertile, and will require a compatible Arrowwood Viburnum … Fall … Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre®'. Authors note: the foliage on this dentatum has withstood the most brutal of heat and drought conditions without showing any signs of spotting or scorch and we have experienced such an abundance of fruit that the branches were literally weighted to the ground. Arrowwood Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt'): CHICAGO LUSTRE® arrowwood viburnum gets its name from the bright, shiny green mature foliage. Rich dark green foliage with abundant white flowers followed by profuse black berries. Glossy dark-green foliage and fall color is yellow with orange tints. Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre' Large, rounded shrub with glossy, cupped leaves, turning yellow-gold in fall. The foliage is thick, dark green and glossy throughout the growing season. logging into For example, Viburnum dentatum ‘Blue Muffin’ is compatible with Viburnum dentatum … Its clusters of tiny white flowers appear in late spring. The royal blue fruits are held in abundance in spectacular clusters from early to late fall. They are rooted in 3" containers and are 4-6" in height. A. Enter your email and we'll email you instructions on how to reset your Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' Swipe to View More . I'd say that the species has done much better so far than 'Pearl Bleu', but I quite like the 'Chicago Lustre' cultivar. Seasonal Note: Many … The Chicago Lustre Viburnum is a multi-stemmed shrub with an upright, rounded habit. Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' Chicago Lustre® Arrowwood Viburnum, Chicago Lustre® Arrowwood. Zoning: 3-8 Mature Height and … Use as a tall screen, hedge or specimen. In the case of Viburnum dentatum, it is a bit more complicated – you must choose cultivars that are known to be compatible and bloom at the same time. Northern Burgundy (Viburnum dentatum 'Morton') and Autumn Jazz (Viburnum dentatum 'Ralph Senior') are … An extremely durable yet attractive plant but overlooked because of its ultimate size. Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt' Be the first to review this product. It has been widely distributed in the nursery industry … Chicago Lustre Viburnum Chicago Lustre Viburnum. Chicago Lustre® Arrowwood Viburnum, Viburnum dentatum 'Synnestvedt', is selected for its upright, rounded, dense habit and glossy, deep green foliage that turns red-purple in fall. VIBURNUM CHICAGO LUSTRE. A selection introduced by Synnestvedt Nursery of Illinois in 1967, originally found in the collections of the Morton Arboretum. Chicago Lustre® arrowwood ('Synnesvedt'), introduced from the Chicago nursery area, is one of the workhorses in the wide-ranging arrowwood group. Reddish purple or gold fall color and with a slightly later bloom than the species. Add to Wishlist; Share This. Creamy-white flowers appear mid to late … Chicago Lustre® ('Synnesvedt') Arrowwood Viburnum has beautiful glossy foliage that is topped with white flat flowers in May and June, followed by stunning cymes of bright blue fruit in late summer. A selection introduced by Synnestvedt Nursery of Illinois in 1967, originally found in the collections of the Morton Arboretum. Summer fruit attracts songbirds. It can grow to a mature size of 12' x 10’, … Cloned (i.e. Noted for its nice glossy , deep green foliage on an 8-10' x 8-10' upright rounded shrub. Fruit small … Best in full sun to part shade.The shallow, fibrous root system benefits with a light layer of mulch to moderate soil temperature fluctuation and conserve moisture.Renewal pruning and heading back may be necessary to keep this suckering plant in bounds. The glossy, sharp-toothed leaves often turn deep red in autumn, depending on the weather. Foliage is a glossy, lustrous green, hence its name. Foliage is a glossy, lustrous green, hence … All V. … Does Chicago Lustre Arrowwood Viburnum Need Cross Pollination. Spring flowers are creamy white. With Viburnum dentatum, the jury is still out for me. Print This Page. Deciduous. It should … Prefers well drained soil but adapts well to a variety of soils. Product Description. By clicking "LOGIN", you are Answered by Heather on April 1, 2011 Certified Expert . Flowers on old stems, prune after flowering. Viburnum dentatum 'Autumn Jazz' (also known as 'Ralph Senior') - dark green foliage becomes a mixture of red, yellow, orange, and burgandy fall color, on a shrub that is slightly more compact than other cultivars Viburnum dentatum 'Chicago Lustre… Your plant(s) will ship to the garden center you chose within the next 21 days. Your plants are actively growing and we will only deliver them once they meet our rigorous quality standards, Discover new plants and design ideas for your garden, 817 E. Monrovia Place Azusa, California 91702-1385. Also know as Arrowwood, a striking garden shrub with showy flat-topped clusters of creamy white … Withstands high pH, heavy soils and … Chicago Luster Viburnum is the most adaptable, versatile and easy-to-grow of any Viburnum we've grown...or any other type of shrub for that matter. Foliage is a glossy, lustrous green, hence its name. Withstands heat and drought. Quickly reaches 10 to 12 ft. tall, 8 to 10 ft. wide. Viburnum (Viburnum) dentatum 'Synnestvedt' (Chicago Lustre™ Viburnum) Home » » » » Rounded habit with glossy deep green foliage. Copyright © 2020 Classic Viburnums | QuickSite Technology by Clarity Connect. … This selection was introduced by Synnestvedt Nursery of Illinois in 1967, originally found in the collections of the Morton Arboretum.

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