what are the advantages of computer

1 - Introduction A computer is an electronic device that store, process and display information and data in a form that is easily understood and has practical use. Best for productive people: If you are a tech guy then the mini computer is a good choice for you. Advantages of microcomputer: It reduces plastics and paper requirements that are used to make non-digital versions of the media. You can easily make your computer's performance better without needing to go to a tech store, and if it breaks down, you will save a lot of money by repairing it yourself. Data store capability: A computer can store huge data. Computers are also great tools for the blind, with special software it can read what is on the screen. As it is described earlier that a computer can store thousands of books. The computers were very larger in size This Article is Best on the whole internet.. This type of computer is also known as PC (personal computer) or desktop PC. Snail mail (postal mail) could take days or even weeks to arrive. People are using computers to perform different tasks quickly and easily. CAD refers to computer-aided design, which is a creative design process that is done using a computer system. Technological developments such as computers and locomotives among others have influenced all sectors of human life including health, transport, communication, and education to mention but a few. Computers and the Internet make it easier to connect with other people around the world that are interested in the same things. Through the use of this method, then an individual is able to deal with large amounts of data easily as compared to a case whereby the simulation was not being done with a computer. Education has evolved a great deal since the introduction of computers to the students. Keyboard: Letters and numbers are keyed into the computer system through the keyboard. Computers are an excellent tool for the physically challenged. For example, you could send someone an e-mail on the other side of the planet, and have it arrive in less than a few minute. There are some Advantage of computers. Additionally, you can also earn money on the computer with a spreadsheet, which is a perfect tool to breakdown your spending and keep track of your finances. It can perform complex functionality and complete them in few seconds. In addition, computerized systems are secure, have high speed, are scalable and reliable. Every organization in the world, either it is small or big must need at least one or two computer for documentation, keeping records of … Below is given a list that contains the main advantages of computers. Duration: 1 week to 2 week. Ability to research, ask questions. This is the complete essay in points in which we will read all the advantages and disadvantage of computer mostly in technology and education. Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer. Advantages of mini computers. You can study at 2am or 2pm. Also, once online, your store or product has a global audience and you could sell to anyone in the world. Connecting a computer to the Internet is what unlocks the full potential of a computer. The use of computer technology has affected every field of life. It has changed the way of life. Below is a list of the main advantages and benefits you'll get and society gets from using a computer. To find the quickest route, you can view online maps and traffic cameras with traffic information. For comparison of the VM Installation see VM advantages and disadvantages. In our earlier example, we mentioned the ability to store thousands of books. If your favorite restaurant has a website, you can order take out without having to wait in line. It have ability to show moving pictures… Computer files are self-regulated using a programmed system, which costs cheaper as well as can be used multiple times by the user or the employee of the institution. People have tried to improve their ways oflife by innovating numerous and diverse things. Computer and Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer and Internet. Work that can take days to complete manually can be done in a few minutes using a computer. Today computers are being used on a large scale everywhere, the biggest reason for this is that it works much faster than humans, it can do very large calculations in a few seconds. Advantages of using a computer are the ability to co research quickly and easily. Today computers are being used on a large scale everywhere, the biggest reason for this is that it works much faster than humans, it can do very large calculations in a few seconds. SATA: Full form in Computer , its meaning and information is given below, so check it out some details on full form of the term SATA which is used in Computer.. Mail us on hr@javatpoint.com, to get more information about given services. Computers can also give you a better understanding of data and big data. A single computer can be a powerful tool to protect personal information. It eliminates the need for paper and plastics used to make non-digital versions of the media. Often, depending on the course, there is no particular start or end date, and you, as a student, can take as long as you like to complete the course. In addition to helping you make money, the computer with a spreadsheet is an excellent tool for keeping track of your finances and breakdown your spending habits. All the operations can be performed very fast just because of its speed elsewise it takes a long time to perform the task. Date stored. This documents outlines the benefits and downsides of a PINsafe Hardware installation. For example, once you have a basic understanding of using a word processor, you can create, store, edit, share, and print documents and letters. Communicate globally quickly. Advantages. So before start shopping any of your favorite laptop model available in the market, it is necessary to make yourself well versed with its unique features and limitations. Like, many offices needed their employees to work from home in the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak. Many of the benefits listed on this page are with a computer connected to the Internet. Computer networks create more opportunities for information security. The same is the case with laptops that come with strengths as well as weaknesses. Disadvantages of using a computer would be the lack of social time with other people. When you connected to the Internet on the computer, it helps you to provide answer almost all questions and teaches you anything that your interests. Increase your productivity Computers increase your productivity and, with a good understanding of the software running on them, you become more productive at everything you do. A businessman can identify what products are sold best quantity time of year and what items are not selling with the help of stored data on the computer. Pros and cons of microcomputer. In the desktop computers, the keyboard, speakers, mouse pad, display and everything is separated but in the laptop you can have all together. Each of these things was either impossible or slower with all pre-existing technologies. Several examples are given below: A computer also keeps your entertainment, as you can listen to millions of songs and watch videos or movies when connected to the Internet. Advantages of Desktop Computers Cheap Computers are a way of life and are almost a necessity in a world that is ruled by excessive technology. Communicate globally quickly. … Read on to learn more about the advantages of computers in education. Computer networking is a vital part of any organization these days. The computer connected to the Internet is a great learning tool and something that helps answer almost any question, teaching you anything that interests you. Accuracy. Computers also help users to understand data better. Disadvantages. One of the most useful advantages of computers is able to store and access vast amounts of data, which can be retrieved in the future. The desktop computer is bulky and requires more space but AIO computer needs very less space. Also, when you create a once online store, you can sell your product to anyone in the world as your product would a large network of audiences on the Internet. If you want to order something for eating from your favorite restaurant and your restaurant has a website, you can order any food accordingly without having to wait in line. A single computer can be a … As there are 2 sides of coins there are Advantages and Disadvantages of computers :: Speed; Accuracy; Stores Huge Amount of Data; Online Trading ; Online Education | Distance Learning; Research; Forecasting Weather,and Predicting Earthquakes ,Volcano Eruptions Also, if you are a hard learner, you can depend on the computer as an assistant. You could even sign up for online courses that teach you about any subject you'd learn in school. A Brief Discussion on Advantages of Computer Systems. A computer can automate most imaginable tasks and can also be programmed to wait for something to occur. So before start shopping any of your favorite laptop model available in the market, it is necessary to make yourself well versed with its unique features and limitations. Computers are a way of life and are almost a necessity in a world that is ruled by excessive technology. Advantages of computers There are many advantages of using computers in larger resource centres, or smaller resource centres that have a large number of periodicals, serve many users based at a distance, or provide a wide variety of services. 2 You can choose when and where to study. You could use an online banking site to view your bank balance and pay bills.

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