ghosts of chislehurst caves

The cave network has been the home to a great deal of supernatural activity. There the name Chislehurst Caves evokes many things in those who hear it. The Chislehurst Caves are a series of subterranean tunnels , man-made rooms, and caverns located in the southeastern part of Greater London.Although the history of the caves stretches back much further, the first documentation of Chislehurst Caves says they were chalk and flint mines, which were abandoned around the early 19th century. The caves have been carved out over hundreds of years. Some think of ghosts, for it is believed to be one of the most haunted places in the whole of the United Kingdom. Chislehurst … The Horton Mine: Encountering a Ghost in a Haunted, Abandoned Mine (Summer 2013) - Duration: 3:49. The Chislehurst Caves ghost is a lady in white who is sometimes seen 'floating' across the water of the caves Haunted Pool. A woman dressed in white allegedly lurks around the caves. Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places Recommended for you 3:49 Along with its fascinating history, there have been many reports of hauntings down in the cave. The caves featured in two episodes of Most Haunted. Chislehurst Caves. However, there does not appear to be any tangible evidence that this is the reason for her appearance. There are a lot of stories about possible ghosts, stories of a Roman centurion killed nearby, of sounds of children, of sightings of people, the sound of horses, etc. Another network of underground tunnels features in this list - the Chislehurst Caves acted as an air raid shelter during the Second World War. Is there as ghost? Brief History. In the 1950’s the owners of the Chislehurst Caves posed a challenge, wagering a prize of £5 to anyone who could spend one night down in the caves alone. Hauntings & Ghosts. To others, this name represents the underground city that was built when bombs started falling from the sky. Only one person, Tony Bayfield, succeeded. Chislehurst caves form a network of tunnels 22 miles long, leaving plenty of room for ghosts, but are the spooky tales of this place true? There is a tradition that she must have been murdered there by her husband. Like Chislehurst Caves, the Hellfire Caves are a manmade network of chalk mines, which extend a quarter of a mile underground near the village of West Wycombe.. A 20-year investigation into the haunting of the caves by author James Wilkinson containing the testimonies of many of the guides and owners over a 50-year period was published in 2011 entitled The Ghosts of Chislehurst Caves. The Ghosts of Chislehurst Caves is a tad expensive for what it is - a nice little guide book (at just over 100 pages - page numbers would have been nice!) This theory was used to give names to the three parts of the caves. In 1961 a twenty-year-old bricklayer who accepted a dare The caves at Chislehurst in Kent, are a labyrinth of man-made tunnels, forming a maze covering over 6 Hectares and are up to 30 metres below the homes and woodlands above. Given the long history of the caves, it is to be expected that there might be a ghost or two about the place. concerning the history and legends of the 20-mile stretch of man-made tunnels which wind beneath the borough of Bromley. Even though Chislehurst caves are refered to as "caves" they are actually completely man made. Chislehurst Caves in South London. Chislehurst Caves ,Chislehurst,London , England ,U.K In 1903, William Nichols, then Vice President of the British Archaeological Association, produced a theory that the mines were made by the Druids, Romans and Saxons. The caves at Chislehurst are, strictly speaking, mines that were dug out in the production of chalk and flint.

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