water hyacinth illegal states

TANK ON! Check out Water Hyacinth. Plant quarantine and treatment, Chapter 38-24a, Article 12:51 (24 May 2006). Here's the map (scroll down) link Frost kills water hyacinth, so northern states have not banned it. Across states in the southern United States, it is illegal to own or transport water hyacinth. Designation of plant pests (24 May 2006). Water hyacinth has been popular in sunny water gardens throughout the state for a number of years. It is illegal to grow water hyacinth in many states. 1996. Illegal aquatic plants in South Carolina (20 October 2003). Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) is a State prohibited weed.If you find water hyacinth. The water hyacinth is a nice looking plant above water with its large bulbous thick green leaves and beautiful flower; below water the plant sports some huge roots. South Dakota: South Dakota Code. This includes: plants such as hydrilla, water hyacinth, and giant salvinia; fishes such as tilapia and Asian carps (grass, silver, and bighead carp); and zebra mussels. Check on the legality of this plant before purchasing it. Water hyacinth is a friend or foe, depending on where it is growing. 1992. State of South Carolina. State of South Dakota. State Crop Pest Commission. AL, AR, AZ, CA, LA, FL, ID, IL) Want a fast growing, unique looking plant that will help filter your water? South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. In other states, the regulations may differ from one county to another. And yet...it is on Rhode Island's prohibited species list because they have been finding lakes full of it. This stuff grows like … The ban prohibits in-state sales and importation of the plant from out-of-state nurseries. Don't expect roving bands of plant inspectors to knock at your door and inspect your water garden for this now-banned plant. So be sure to check local regulations if you’re interested in planting water hyacinth. Illegal in AL, AR, AZ, FL, ID, LA, MS, NE, SC, TX, WI, and the city of Chicago. Britain's best-loved pond plant, the water hyacinth, has been added to the EU's Invasive Alien Species Regulations, meaning that it cannot be grown or sold anywhere within the European Union. If Water Hyacinths are illegal in your state and you choose to try and order these, a substitute legal plant of our choosing will be sent in its place. Water hyacinth was introduced to North America in 1884 and later to Asia, Africa, and Australia.Since there are no natural enemies in the new location, it can multiply quickly and cause disaster. A vigorous water plant, water hyacinth is invasive and is illegal to plant in many states, primarily Zones 9 to 11. Water Hyacinths are illegal is several states! Water hyacinth originated in tropical South America, but is naturalized in warm areas of the world: Central America, California and southern states, Africa, India, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, the latter where it is illegal so eat it fast. (KEEP IN MIND, IF WATER HYACINTH IS ILLEGAL IN YOUR STATE, WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUND THIS SPECIES! The roots are a blackish coloration and can grow in excess of 12” long; these roots are often utilized by fish fry and various aquatic bugs as habitat. In areas where it is legal, the plant is a colorful and texture-rich addition to water gardens.

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