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There's more than meets the eye to Uoma Beauty's Brow-Fro Fro to Go. The tip gives super-fine hair strokes with each swipe. Of course a budge-proof formula is helpful during the hot, humid summer months, but beyond that, the brows are not an area you really want to have to touch-up midday. 8. Benefit's Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel lives up to its name by giving you full, fluffy brows in just a few small swipes. This innovative brow pencil combines all the best parts of a pencil, a powder, and a wax, so it’s no wonder the double-ended design took home a 2019 Best of Beauty Award. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. "I don't care what pencil I use on my brows as long as I finish them off with a light brush of the Glossier Boy Brow in black over my hairs," she says. On the plus side, a little goes a very long way, I literally touched my brush into the formula and it was enough to fill in both my brows. Take your eyebrows to the next level with our selection of brow pencils, brow brushes, brow gel, eyebrow serums & more. The Best Eyebrow Products That'll Help You Get Your Dream Shape. This tinted gel takes all of five seconds to sweep through arches, fill in any gaps, and keep them in place all day," she says. "The tip is so fine that it mimics actual hairs. When it comes to eyebrow products, using a waterproof formula can be beneficial year-round. © 2020 Condé Nast. "I loved how this brow powder looked in person, it gave my arches a subtle definition that was flattering without being OTT. To share the knowledge gained from all our in-office and real-life experimentation, we’ve rounded up our favorite products for filling in, thickening up, brushing out, and holding our brows in place. Best Eyebrow Pomade. Packaging and design: Really cool. Packaging and design: The tiny compact has a decadent black plastic motif on the front, whilst inside there's a tiny mirror. ", Allure's director of editorial operations Amanda Meigher can't get enough of the Grande Cosmetics GrandeBrow. All in all the product holds 0.6 grams. Shade range: There's a cool eight shades, including blonde, auburn and black. The affordable price tag on Hard Candy's Precision Tip Brow Ink isn't the only reason staff writer Nicola Dall'Asen can't put it down. This £4 brow pencil is the best I've ever tried, 11 of our all-time favourite makeup brush sets. Sure, it's got a triangular-shaped pencil  at one end (which is great for filling in gaps), but it's the added powder highlight shade encased in a sponge-tip applicator that makes it an all-time favorite for digital editorial assistant Gabi Thorne. Iope's Eyebrow Auto Pencil allows you to build up the depth and color you desire with its waxy tip without having to worry about doing too much because it's not overly pigmented like some brow products tend to be. Packaging and design: Simple, but it works. "After blending my foundation to airbrushed perfection and drawing on graphic liner, I don't have very much energy left to fill in my brows. It also has a spoolie and built-in powder highlighter for enhancing the arch. Packaging and design: There's not much too it really, but I like that. The waterproof formula is amazingly resilient, so if you're off for a swim and want your brows to stay put, give it a try. The angled brush of the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Boost and Set Brow Mascara in Clear allows for precise placement of the clear gel, which goes on like a mousse and sets for a naturally full brow look that stays in place all day, at a wallet-friendly price we can’t help but adore. The ashy shade is perfect for brunettes who are sick of buying eyebrow products that leave a warm/orange cast." Its felt tip has the ease of a liquid liner so you can draw on fine, believable hairs in seconds. To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Shade range: There are six shades, ranging from dark to light. Clever, huh? The ashy shade is perfect for brunettes who are sick of buying eyebrow products that leave a warm/orange cast. You need a strong-hold formula that'll lock down unruly hairs (and keep them in place all day), without being heavy, sticky or crispy. "Sure, it has somewhat outdated packaging, but my brow czar, Bob Scott, got both my mom and me hooked," she says. The wet formula does take a minute or two to dry down, but this really didn't bother me. I've been guilty of overplucking, and eyebrow pencils usually make my eyebrows look drawn on. Choose a high-quality eyebrow tint kit to be on the safe side. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil. Packaging and design: The innovative pen hold 2grams of ink. Formula: The brand recently launched a boatload of new brow products, from pencils to pomades and powders. Brown, Black, Blonde and Clear. The formula gives thickness whilst seamlessly filling in the sparse gaps. Tame unruly hairs, build a flawless arch and set brows in place with these must-haves I know Anastasia Beverly Hills is THE brow brand, but I've always thought of Dip Brow as being incredibly intense - only to be used if you want that super-sharp 'Instagram brow'. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the queen of the throne when it comes to eyebrow products. The rectangle pencil can be used to draw on singular hairs for a feathery finish or to shade in sparser patches for a fuller effect. Packaging and design: You get 3 grams worth of product in this cute tube, plus the tiny brush is great for taming fine hairs. Shade range: There are currently only three shades available on You need a growth serum in … that look natural and the gel helps to blend it all nicely. For those moments when less is more, we reach for this 2019 Best of Beauty Award winner. The tip on the Thrive Causemetics Infinity Waterproof Eyebrow Liner is fine (not angled) so it’s easy to fill in where you need to and achieve your exact shape without having to clean up. Vic is the Digital Beauty Director here at ... Best … So, without further ado, hop aboard the eyebrow-bandwagon and find our eight favorite brow products for beginners (and experts alike!) "I used this over my everyday eyebrow pencil, as I would with any other clear brow gel. Yep, if you're into the super-sharp Insta brow, it's well worth picking up Anastasia Beverly Hills' DipBrow Pomade. ", MAC Shape + Shade Brow Tint in Fling, £19.50.

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