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Pacific Sunset Maple Acer truncatum x A. platanoides Warrenred Back. Acer 'PACIFIC SUNSET' 'PACIFIC SUNSET' Maple ... Types of planting. Acer truncatum × Acer platanoides 'JFS-KW-187': Growing zones 4-9. Pacific Sunset ® Maple has finer branches than its cousins and is slightly shorter in height. So go with the look that you like as either wood is a good choice. Lieu rue avenue place parc ceinture de verdure bacs/conteneurs jardin de toiture grand jardin cimetière trafic, zone industrielle. It is a moderate sized tree that can reach a height of 35 ft. One beautiful feature of this tree is its deep red fall color. Zone 4. Sun to part shade, more heat and drought tolerant than a Norway Maple. Our 13 year old Pacific Sunset Maple doesn t look as nice as it usually does. The Urban Sunset Maple is an easy to grow compact and upright tree. top of page. It has very glossy dark green leaves that will develop a mixed full colour of yellows, oranges, and reds. Crimson Sunset ® Maple is particularly heat and drought tolerant. Rounded to oval medium-sized tree to 8m providing attractive autumn colour. Grows to a height of 35ft. Good resistance to heat and performs well in tough conditions. They grow best in full sun, aren’t particular about the type of soil in which they are placed and are hardy to USDA Zones 3 to 8. I'd like to build a raised garden around it, but my father believes that it would kill the tree by depriving the root system of oxygen. The outstanding glossy green foliage turns magnificent shades of yellow, orange, and red in the fall. It’s a vigorous tree with a tendency to grow almost too fast. (Formerly Birdwood Nursery) 71 - 83 Blackall Range Rd Woombye QLD 4559. Acer Platanoides x truncatum. Pacific Sunset Maple is a deciduous tree with an upright spreading habit of growth. Details. Acer truncatum x platanoides ‘Warrenred’ Pacific Sunset® Maple PP7,433 ... Pacific Sunset® is an excellent tree for many parts of the US. Pacific Sunset Maple. Grows to a height of 30ft. Red Sunset is a red maple cultivar with superior fall color and good branch structure. Height 25-35′. The Pacific Sunset Maple has adaptability to resist heat and drought. Deeply lobed leaves emerge purple-red, mature to green in summer, then fade yellow-orange in fall. As to price, maple should be very modestly more than alder. Larger Trees & Paper Bark Maple (New for 2019) Hosta Plants ... You are here: Home / Inventory / Maple Trees / Pacific Sunset Maple. 2232 Baldwin Rd, Fenton, MI 48430, USA. As with most spreading trees, this one doesn’t want to push a straight single leader. Its leaves turn purple through summer. Deciduous tree grows with an upright, rounded habit. Utilisation. Acer truncatum X Acer platanoides 'Warrenred': Growing zones 4-8. Width: 6 metres. Plant with White Flowering Dogwood Characteristics Landscape Size: 25' … Maple tree drawbacks, such as disease, are often related directly to the ease at which the trees are damaged. It is also well known for its hardiness to cold temperatures and is classified in Zone 4. In a good quality cabinet the finishes are of such a grade that the finish coating on a maple door should hold up reasonably well. Growth rate: Moderate. 248-640-4510. We have planted 17 pacific sunset maple trees in our HOA as replacements. Does the pacific sunset maple tree grow helicopter like wings as a fruit by product? Acer Pacific Sunset™: in comparison to Norwegian Sunset™, it has a finer branch structure, is more spreading, and slightly brighter fall color. Norwegian Sunset ® Maple does well in hotter conditions and shows similar colors and characteristics to Shantung Maple. Use. Pacific Sunset Warrenred Maple Info. The Tree Farm in Longmont, Colorado is your source for trees, evergreens, shrubs, fruit trees, flowers, gardening supplies, and more! Great Plant Picks is an educational program of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, recommending outstanding plants for gardeners living west of the Cascade Mountains from Eugene, Oregon, USA to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. A beautiful, fast growing and well structured small to medium maple, Acer truncatum platanoides Warrenred Pacific Sunset Norway Maple Tree is ideal for planting in street, residential and urban areas. Likes sun. Grows up to 35ft high. and a spread of 20ft.. It is a small, rounded, deciduous understory tree that typically grows 20-25’ tall with a densely-branched, rounded crown. Pacific Sunset Maple Acer Truncatum x Acer Platanoids There are not too many trees in Colorado that can compete with better, long lasting fall color and great shade. Acer truncatum x platanoides warrenred 'Pacific Sunset' This very attractive small to medium sized Maple has glossy, dark green, sharply-lobed leaves, which change to … The tree you have specifically asked about, the 'Autumn Blaze' maple (Acer x fremanii 'Autumn Blaze') is an interesting selection that is actually a hybrid between two species of maple - … Tree-Maple PacificSunsest (pdf) Download. Medium growing. The most significant difference between these three is that the Urban Sunset® has a more narrow growth habit than the others. The Red Sunset maple tree grows exceptionally well in the southern United States. Winter buds, clusters of small winter spring flowers, leaf stems, twigs, and winged summer fruits are all reddish colored. Types d'arbres arbres haute tige arbres de climat arbres d’ombrage. Most notable is that the Norwegian Sunset is a little taller with more limbs, and the Pacific Sunset is a little shorter with fewer limbs. Baldwin Tree Farm. It … Red Sunset maples (Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset’) are deciduous trees that grow 2 feet per year until they reach a height of 40 to 60 feet. Common Name: Shantung Maple x Norway Maple. Features medium green leaves (to 5” across) that have 5 triangular lobes. Pacific Sunset Maple is an excellent medium sized tree that is very tolerant to urban conditions. The Urban Sunset® Maple, Acer x platanoides ‘JFS -KW187’ 27545 is a close relative of the Pacific Sunset® and Norwegian Sunset® maples, relatively new maples that are so popular these days. Phone: (07) 5442 1611 Fax: (07) 5442 1053 E: [email protected] Location street avenue square park central reservation in containers roof garden large garden cemetery traffic ... Or would you like further information about Acer 'PACIFIC SUNSET'? Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. Adaptable to varied growing conditions. Outstanding glossy green foliage will change to a brilliant red in the fall. Unlike some other maples of this type, Pacific Sunset is tolerant of alkaline soils and is … Glossy dark green foliage, fine fall color and improved adaptability to heat and drought are features that distinguish Pacific Sunset® Maple among the many maple cultivars. Characteristics of softwood types of maple tree make them more likely to be damaged by severe weather or other factors. A hybrid with upright, rounded growth habit. 7433) in 1989, it resulted from a cross of Acer truncatum x Acer platanoides. These injuries then put the tree at greater risk for fungal diseases, as well as issues with wood rot. Width 20-25′. Leaves emerge reddish purple in spring but mature to dark green. Shop 12.7-gallon pacific sunset maple shade tree in pot (l14855) in the trees section of Hardy to USDA Zone 4b Developed by Keith Warren at J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Boring, Oregon and introduced as Pacific Sunset™ (P.P.

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