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The third way is by taking the Cambridge international AS level only, as the AS level has half of the course of the entire A-Levels. List Of A Level Subjects. CA Program: These students will complete the first two parts of CA. A Level Subjects Offered In Pakistan Compulsory List. Your email address will not be published. Since the inception of our A Level programme in September 1992, our students have maintained a tradition of being the highest scorers in A Level subjects across Pakistan and the world. The fields may include Bachelors in Engineering, Bachelors in Business administration, Bachelors in medical study and even bachelors in Arts, Fashion designing as well as Medicine. In a single calendar year a student can appear only times for their respective O-Level exams as per the conditions of British Council in Pakistan as well as in the entire world. A-Levels is considered to be more precise and specialized study so that’s why the minimum courses which a candidate can opt is 3 in Pakistan and even World over, while the maximum courses are not defined because it is up to the caliber and the willingness of any respective candidate who can adopt as many courses as he or she wished or intends. Choosing the right A level subjects for popular degrees. These are some a level books in pakistan that filter your choices. You have a choice between Urdu-Lit (A) and Urdu-Lang (B). Students can choose to complete an AS Level examination, then stop studing for that particular subject. A Level In Pakistan Cambridge A-Levels and AS levels are being designed internationally as the qualifications which provides tremendous preparations for unleash in the university education. Students must take five compulsory subjects: English, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics and three electives To qualify for the Science Group, students must pass Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Computer Science / Information and Communication Technology (ICT). If you want to get the best A Level In Pakistan then consider below schools in karachi and Lahore. Medical Courses In Lahore 2021 After Matric, Which Degree Has More Scope In Pakistan 2020, List Of Online Computer Courses In Pakistan. Choose subjects you enjoy – you’ll do better in your studies if you have an interest in the subject! That’s why there’s no restriction on the optimization of courses as a student or candidate can opt as many courses as he or she wishes. An Open Day is organized at 55 Main every August, for prospective A’ level students and their parents. You need these 3 subjects to be accepted in Pakistani colleges, unless you can claim to be a foreign student. Students are required to complete 4 parts of CA well as 3 year training in order to get CA degree. I am Professional Writer on the Career Consultancy and trying to facilitate the students for delivering the educational services along with the fastest growing educational website of the Pakistan Moin Akhtar. Required fields are marked *. Title: A Level Subject Selection Guide - 2020 Entry.xlsx Author: Zainul Abedin Created Date: 11/9/2019 6:48:12 PM Defense requires hard A level subjects such as Maths, Sciences, Economics, Accounting, Elit, History, Sociology and etc. A-levels are internationally recognised qualifications that are required for entry into many university courses and professional training opportunities. Choose subjects in which you are predicted to get good GCSE grades – chances are you’ll do well in these subjects at A-level, too, earning you better grades and therefore more university options. An assessment option is known as the Staged assessment route; through which the candidate appears is the examination annually despite of being appearing in it after 2 years. I suggest you that must choose those subjects which you have studied in your matriculation or O levels and you want your further educational and professional career in the same subjects. A-Levels is being highly appreciated all over the globe that’s why it is being conducted in almost 125 countries offering wide range of subjects and variety as per the requirement and the interest of the candidate. Then, they complete the las… Three O level marks combine makes the 800 and chemistry has 100 marks physics has 100 marks and Mathematics has 100 marks. I had 10 subjects in my O level and a lot of friends had 8-9. I'm currently giving my O levels and the time has come to choose my A level subjects. So these are the A level subjects offered in Pakistan compulsory list of groups of different faculties like science, medical, engineering, arts or commerce. A Level examinations are usually taken after 13 years of education and are based on approximately 360 hours of guided learning per subject, normally over a two year period. Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level represents the first half of a full A Level course and gives students the opportunity to study a broader range of subjects without committing to doing a full A level. This is known as “AS” level in which the candidate takes the AS level in one examination session and complete the final A-Level at a following session. GCE O-level subjects typically offered by Schools are as follows: – A- Science Group IGCSE, O-level, AS and A-levels. the curriculum which is being designed for the A-Levels program is intended to focus more critically on the knowledge attainment. How many subjects can we choose in A.level and how many are compulsory? Intermediate level of education with minimum 45% marks (HSSC – 12 years education) 2. orA-Level with atleast two passes 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Your subjects carry great importance for you about your educational and professional career. The field is being selected on the basis of the courses which were being adopted in the A-Level or AS level. A-Level Art is probably the most creative subject, and students that prefer creativity tend to thrive in this subject. Have you done you O levels and going to get admission in A Levels? Similarly there are lot of optional and compulsory subjects combinations which one can choose and select according to his/ her O levels subjects or according to your though in future about your bachelors admissions. More subjects collectively consider in the symmetry. 2. Enjoy studying before you left with unemployment. So these are the A level subjects offered in Pakistan compulsory list of groups of different faculties like science, medical, engineering, arts or commerce. Urdu (A Level only) - 9676. Urdu - Pakistan only (A Level only) - 9686. My college allows students to pick upto 5 subjects. Jump to navigation Jump to search 'Bold text' This article needs to be updated. It gives one the basic grip over the English language and conceptual knowledge which is being highly deficient in the developing countries like Pakistan. In this field, you need less hard work as compared to Pre-Medical, and you can get admission in famous university if your aggregate is above 80%. In this section . Hello, everyone. Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC) is the monitoring authority in Pakistan. Urdu - Language (AS Level only) - 8686. A-Level Art is mostly creative things, but there’s a fair bit of writing you have to do as well. Here again the 3 subjects are difficult and you have to study hard to take admission in the famous universities of Pakistan. Have a look down to this page for getting A levels subjects combinations. Cambridge International A … Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. They are the constituent of the Cambridge Advanced Stage. The main purpose and objective of designing such education pattern is to enrich the students with the international market and are being varied according to the different cultures of various countries. Click on each subject to view in-depth information about what is taught and how students are assessed. 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Higher second school certificate HSSC means through the eight subjects of O level consider in A level as well. There are several ways through which a student can appear in the A-Levels examination, which are being illustrated below: After the accomplishment of the A-Levels the students have the option and the opening to all the fields of higher education which is known as the bachelor level. Take an exam. Scope of A levels is much superior then a student who have done FSc or intermediate but the thing that matters is your selection of subjects and obtained marks. The candidate either opts for going in to a broader diameter of learning or with the same time he or she can go for specialized learning targeting any single field. These options are quite appropriate ideas to make sure about the best way out. It is because if you want to go in MBBS for becoming a doctor you have to choose Biology, physics and mathematics while those who want to do BSc engineering or any engineering program have to choose Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Subjects matter a lot but the situation of A level same as HSSC. Author has 1.3K answers and 2M answer views The government of Pakistan requires students to take 3 subjects: Pakistan Studies, Urdu, and Islamiyat. Cambridge Level AS examinations are usually taken at the age 17 and Cambridge A Level examinations at age 18. Our school currently offers AS/A Level courses in the following subjects. Global Perspectives of Research. There are two routes of entry into CA. This event will provide you with an opportunity to meet our A’ level faculty and discuss your subject options according to your aptitude, interest and possible choice of career. You should get in touch with the british council website that has many options for the scholarships. a level education in pakistan is appropriate way out to mention the different rules and regulations as compare to the BISE. Chemistry A level is essential or very useful for: Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Biology (and Bio related subjects). O/ A levels is holds and managed by Cambridge International Examination (CIE) and its syllabus is different than BISE Text syllabus and totally in English based educational criterion. This section describes the A level subjects which are essential for various popular degree courses, and those which would be directly useful. Now about your A level subjects. To find English General Paper filter the subject list by ‘Humanities and Social Sciences’ or ‘English Language and Literature’. The A Levels taken by students in other countries may differ from the A Levels taken in the United Kingdom. You must get the … I want to become a chemical engineer and hopefully study in an American university abroad (Berkeley is my aim). A Levels Subjects Offered In Pakistan List For Unaware Students. Here is the option either to select computer science or biology. The two sessions of examination takes place in May/June and October/November, although there are several courses which are being offered either in May/June or in Oct/Nov only. Instead of limiting our students to a set of fixed subject blocks, Cedar ensures to create a subject combination that is best suited to the student’s strengths and career aspirations. It is completed in two years. So even you are doing A levels you should focus on your studies so that you can obtain excellent marks and your performance during your session is 100% according to your O/ A level schools and college criteria. iv) Humanities Group: Eight/five ‘O’ level subjects including English and Mathematics with three ‘A’ level subjects. You must get the details of a level scholarships in pakistan on educationuk.org/pakistan/. The A level subjects can be grouped into Eleven subject groups namely: English Language and Literature; Sciences; Creative and Professional; Humanities; Humanities and Social Sciences; Languages; Mathematics; Sciences; Social Sciences; Technology; The Arts A Level Subjects Needed To Pursue Medical Career in Pakistan Our Sponsors Welcome to Med Studentz Medical Forums , a friendly and informative student community where you can join thousands of other medical students from all over the world discussing everything related to medical school admissions, studying for medical licensing exams, and the medical profession in general. These are compulsory A Level Subjects In Pakistan, You should get in touch with the british council website that has many options for the scholarships. O level And A Level Education in Pakistan is Equivalent To GCE ‘A’ level Equivalent to Higher Secondary School Certificate: These options are quite appropriate ideas to make sure about the best way out. In the Overseas Based Examinations, we have five subjects including English, Mathematics and three electives. a- All Pakistani nationals appearing for examinations from Pakistan shall have to pass Urdu, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and Mathematics along with other required subjects to … Further, it can creates association to show the relative approach for the success ratio of chemistry, physics and mathematics. Three subjects of O level considered in this A level approach as well. I suggest you that must choose those subjects which you have studied in your matriculation or O levels and you want your further educational and professional career in the same subjects. The subjects taught at the … A level course Read More » Students typically study A-levels between the ages of 17 and 18. The eligibility criteria which are being constructed for the specific A-Levels program is that the students must have successfully passed their matriculation which is being based on the national education system of Pakistan and the other alternative could be by passing the O-Levels examination under the Cambridge and British board. For example, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics each has 100 marks makes the association with the O level marks. Major Schools offering A-Levels in Lahore: After completing the course the examinations are being taken for the O-Level program. This is an overall and also in detail information about these A levels subjects offered in Pakistan. Applied Information & Communication Technology, 4. My son is taking group 5 i.e commerce and maths is in this group and also in compulsary subjects so plz explain me this how to go with this. It is the mandatory for all educational aspect to make the required approach as best as it requires. Students who want to choose medicine or pure sciences must have done O levels in these subjects. Chemistry; English; Islamiyat; Mathematics; Pak Studies; Physics; Urdu; Biology or Computer studies; a level scholarships in pakistan. O Levels are the part of Cambridge secondary 2 nd stage and are one of the O Level Equivalent In Pakistan to the UK General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). To earn an A*, one must be very diligent and hard working and mentally prepared for the exams. These are compulsory A Level Subjects In Pakistan. In this A level studies, you study with creativity and your thought process gets expanded more. If Students have already taken IGCSE’s or O Levels from Roots College International then they will find many of the skills they have already learnt relevant and beneficial to A Level Study at RCI. The A plus grade and other grading shows the same as per the percentage situation like  A plus means 90 percent , A grade means 85 percent, B grade reflect 75 percent, C grade reflect 65 percent, D grade means 55 percent, E grade means 45 percent and U grade means 0 percent. In each scheme, student has to follow different program path in order to get CA degree. If Pakistani parents were free to choose their children’s O’ and A’ Level subjects without any resistance, we’d probably only be producing doctors and bankers. In Pakistan Students want to enter in the New Education System of A and O Level.If You want to take this Exam here Guide to How to select subjects for O-Level and A-Level.Selection of Subjects is quite easy. 9 subjects is a nice count but 8 are common in Pakistan and a lot of students usually give opt an extra subject so it's nothing out of the blue. Full Time Scheme 1. a level in Pakistan is equivalent to HSC that makes collectively makes the 1100 marks. Cambridge International AS and A Level qualifications are recognized by universities as equivalent in value to UK AS and A Levels. A-Level in Pakistan: A-Level refers to the Advance level of education and the stage which is equivalent to intermediate in Pakistan. In fact, the most recent statistics from CIE indicate that the most ‘top achievers’ in Pakistan are from Beaconhouse. In A-Level students can opt at least three subjects and also able to opt more than three subjects in accordance with interest and … Physics, Maths and Chemistry are a must for engineering so those are not debatable. I want that after doing o,level which subjects in Alevel my son should take which is beneficial for css and also for business studies. Normally competitive and creative minded students like to have these A level studies. Subjects of O-Level And A-Level In Pakistan Complete List O-LEVEL COURSES/Subject: Compulsory subjects at O-level. There are several methods of assessment which includes written, practical, Alternative to practical and oral as per prescribed conditions and policies. It is the way forward to know about the A Level In Pakistan. In Pakistan, the following subjects are usually compulsory at GCE O-level: – English; Urdu; Mathematics; Pakistan Studies; In addition to the compulsory subjects, three or four more subjects are usually studied. What is the difference between A level and AS level. It maintain the idea about the eight subjects including Chemistry English, Islamiat, Mathematics, Pakistan studies, Physics, Urdu, Biology or computer science. The major subjects that consider further in both A and o Level including that also have importance in A Level In Pakistan. The grading system which is being allocated to the student appearing in exams is a six-point scale system station from “A*” till the “E”, where grade A* is the highest while the grade E is the lowest. A Level Courses Cedar College offers a wide range of A level subjects with flexibility in subject choices and combinations. These details are enough for the A Level In Pakistan and if you have more than already mention specify in comment box. There are loads of different things you can do, and this makes it easy to find something you’re good at and stick to it. Students have to choose any one group from 1 to 6 and if want to add an additional subject can choose from group 7. List of Advanced Level subjects. Few had even 11. A number of countries use A Levels as a school-leaving qualification. Home » Courses » O/A Level Courses » A Level In Pakistan. Just read this post about A level subjects offered in Pakistan compulsory list because selecting your subjects. Your email address will not be published. Moreover you can ask your FAQs and comments in the following comment section below of this passage; thank you!

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