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ARCI. Appliance Recycling Ctrs Amer Inc. BESNQ. try { m1gdlzzn0nxbs4i = new WufooForm();m1gdlzzn0nxbs4i.initialize(options);m1gdlzzn0nxbs4i.display(); } catch (e) {}}; 1. Natural-gas liquids such as ethane, for instance, are \" This MS Excel file also contains material types, address, website and top official's name and title. Include Everyoung Enterprise Inc, Roser Recycling LLC, EcoPET Plastics . AERT. 'height':'657', 'defaultValues':'field12=' + sessionStorage.getItem('utmMedium') + '&field13=' + sessionStorage.getItem('sessionReferrer'), SCRAP LLC. Global fluropolymers additives market: CAGR, NPE2021 plans forge ahead, sees challenges shifting from May date, Carteaux's legacy: Saving and transforming the Plastics Industry Association, Improve maintenance efficiency with e-connect.monitor, Maximum precision for lowest shot weights, Even more cost effectiveness for small precision parts, ENGEL one of the most sustainable companies, Compounders write a business survival story in 2020, Battle against coronavirus a bittersweet story for plastics, The show must go on: MFG Day goes virtual. 10% off any item.  Use Promo code crainPN10 at checkout. Polychem … We would like to gather a little information so we can assist you better when we contact you. And each Trex deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags—that’s really impressive! FabHabitat – With a dedication to sustainability, this décor company is doing some great things for the environment. Polychem USA is a market leader in the recycling of all plastic waste materials, with 70 years of service to the plastics recycling industry. 'userName':'budzarworld', KW Plastics and KW Plastics Recycling produce HDPE, MDPE, and PP post-consumer resins. Purakai – This California-based apparel company designs a variety of shirts from recycled materials. One of our qualified team members will help … John Sullivan. West Paw – For animal lovers out there who are also eco-conscious, this company has some great options. List of Recycling Companies in United States . Custom design, implement and maintain recycling equipment and programs based on your companies … Kickstart: An award worthy of Bill Carteaux, Kickstart: Investments continue in recycling, but rates aren't improving. is a plastic recycling company that has been servicing and supplying the plastic scrap industry for 50 years. Sponsored Content By Canon Virginia, Inc. In honor of Earth Day 2018, here are five companies taking the lead on recycling. var s = d.createElement(t), options = { Ask again later, Pandemic spotlights complexities of US supply chain issues, Plastics industry business owners: Listen to your future workforce. IntelliLoft Stuffing and Fabric, an eco-fiber, Hemp, which produces more fiber per acre than cotton, Shirts made from Cupro, a waste fabric from the cotton industry. Blue Planet Eyewear – The sunglasses made by this eyewear company not only feature recycled plastic frames, but also: That’s a lot of environmental consideration in just one product! Since the company founders are dedicated to sustainability, Method began crafting soap bottles out of a blend of post-consumer recycled plastic along with recovered ocean plastic. })(document, 'script'); Is There a Connection Between Plastics and Climate Change? Organic cotton is also incorporated into their design meaning you’ll make an additional environmental impact by selecting this model over other brands. There is hardly any sphere of our lives where one cannot find some usage of it. Kickstart: Lanxess launches diversity task force, Changing names for compounders embracing corporate branding, Diversity the key to outperforming the market, A timeline of the industry's COVID response, Are mold makers a vision of the future? Their product line stretches across the home décor sector, including items such as: 19. PP, PE, Nylon, PS. The signature iPad cover line they offer is composed of post-consumer fleece jacket materials and recycled PET plastics. PTFE, TPE, TPO, PPS, PPO, PEI, and all other engineering grades. Freeride – This trendy company specializes in skateboards, with a variety of models containing decks made from 100% recycled plastic. And if you’re in need of plastic processing equipment for your facility, be sure to contact our team today! plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill or ocean. Method – Method is a company specializing in the production of cleaning products, so a lot of plastics are utilized for their containers. In fact, each shirt they produce saves on average 6.5 20-oz. Detroit MI 48207-2997. var m1gdlzzn0nxbs4i;(function(d, t) { As a seasoned jack of all trades marketing professional, she plans, creates, writes, designs and analyzes all forms of marketing communications. Search or browse our list of Wholesale Plastic Recycling companies by category or location. Wong, a trim 61-year-old dressed head-to-toe in khaki like a safari hunter, was working to set up a new plastics recycling factory for an investor who hopes to one day process US plastic. Portland Oregon 97225 Usa Chemical Waste Other Recycling Products Agriculture Plastic Recycling Machinery Recycling Info Email Web Phone Phoenix P. O. The plastic recycling process has become part of the standard operations of a variety of industries and companies, since not only is it positive for the environment, but it also makes good business sense from a financial standpoint. Architec – Help out the environment through your kitchenware by cooking with Architec’s sustainable materials. 15. Here's some big ideas to mull over the holidays, Star in spotlight with West Virginia philanthropy award, Unwind with a garage rock 'Plastic Year' that has nothing to do with politics, Lubrizol exec Tolin recognized by cancer support group, Think divided government stalls plastics legislation? Here we will discuss about some of the top companies … Since the Chinese ban on U.S. waste import, another economy that is thriving … Additionally, the interior lining is made from materials from vinyl billboards. Our outstanding Multi-Purge universal purging compound has transformed plastics production by dramatically reducing cleaning times during color and resin changeovers. Top Plastic Recycling Companies in USA . Now also includes: The Plastics Blog look behind the numbers as well as the published graphics in .pdf format. Their plastic material comes from numerous sources, including paper towel wrappers, dry cleaner bags, sandwich bags, shopping bags, and newspaper sleeves. We sell best quality recycled plastic … Batteries? Fiscal 2019 rankings data on North American Recyclers published May 18, 2020. 'async':true, 193 plastic recycling plants based in United States … The dirty secret behind plastic is that it's derived from fossil fuels. Premium. What a great way to help the environment! 4. Plastic Recycling Plants In United States American plastic recycling plants directory - showing companies in United States that process plastic waste into new materials. ReFleece – Providing stylish iPad covers and other assorted textile-based accessories, this company is doing their part for the environment. Mold inventory: How many molds does a shop have? 14. 'formHash':'m1gdlzzn0nxbs4i', Blue Earth Solutions Inc Com. var rs = this.readyState; if (rs) if (rs != 'complete') if (rs != 'loaded') return; Perspective: Making products in the USA is good for the planet, Perspective: Reflections on a decade of global industry collaboration on marine litter, Modernizing recycling infrastructure will benefit businesses as well as the environment, Mailbag: Oil-plastics connection is overstated, Mailbag: Plastics recycling not cost-effective, Mailbag: Price increases hurting North American PE buyers, Maintenance can ensure efficient blender operation, Blending vs dosing: What you need to know, Recycling content: Resins going ‘green’, Electric injection molding presses: Efficiency is key, Purging Hot runners: Open or closed methods, Purging: Chemical, abrasive and non-abrasive, Controls, special applications boost production, profitability, Robot maintenance key for smooth operation, High-speed robots: A rapid way to increase efficiency, Structural foam molding: Flexibility for processors. 16. Pilot – Pen company Pilot has created an interesting program called Bottle 2 Pen which transfers the material from a plastic bottle into 2-3 pens each. Preserve – This company, specializing in kitchen, bath, and tabletop products, strives to make an effort in the recycling world by collecting bottle caps from schools and Whole Foods stores for use in toothbrushes and razors. Are stored in cases made out of post-consumer materials. Girlfriend Collective – This athleisure company produces clothing using ethical processes and sustainable materials. Head over to their site for some stylish additions to your wardrobe. Some other inspiring examples of their sustainability have been utilized in product such as: 5. Modernity and plastics go hand in hand today. Give their pet Bumper Beds a look because the soft fiber filling is made from recycled plastic bottles. Nike – Major companies aren’t above getting in on the impactful recycling game, as seen by Nike’s use of yarn made from recycled plastic bottles to create soccer kits for the USA Men’s and Women’s National Soccer teams. Fiscal 2019 rankings data on North American Recyclers published May 18, 2020.  Contains data on 178 companies surveyed by Plastics News with volumes, breakouts of post-consumer vs. post-industrial percentages and more. This list will cover some of the biggest waste management companies in the USA. The soles of these shoes are touted as being carbon free, while the outsoles utilize recycled materials as well. ... plastic recycling Companies in USA In USA Serving USA Near USA. And the global plastic recycling market is projected to grow by $14.74 billion between now and 2024. Kickstart: A return to in-house auto parts production? We analyzed 16 Plastic Recycling Technology Startups. 'background': 'transparent', Box 6901 Chandler Az 85246 Chemical Waste Other Recycling Products Construction & Real Estate Gas Disposal Recycling Full Scale Recycling – remove, process, and market multiple recyclable materials on the same trailer. 2. Plastics News covers the business of the global plastics industry. What's a good gift for your cobot? All of Green Toys’ products are made from 100% recycled milk jugs, and these products range from trucks to bath toys to beach toys to baby-safe items. Their line of EcoSmart products are made from recycled plastics, bamboo and flax husk, and just one of their cutting board keeps 20 plastic bottles out of the ocean. Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH. The plastic also contributes to the coloring in each shirt, which saves 18 quarts of water compared to what would have been used during a traditional dyeing process. This is all done through their Gimme 5 program – a program that assists in the recycling process by: 7. List of plastic recycling companies, manufacturers and suppliers in USA. View Plastics News' industry rankings for North American plastics processing, recycling, molding and tooling, and executive compensation. USA Plastic Recyclers Directory. FabHabitat – In an effort to reduce their overall carbon footprint, FabHabitat specializes in the creation of area rugs, made completely from recycled PET. 13. var scr = d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0], par = scr.parentNode; par.insertBefore(s, scr); ACI Plastics, … Download includes the top 25 reprocessors ranking chart, our full directory plus a bonus article from Sustainable Plastics' recycling issue "Designing for recyclability is key to meeting strict European recycling laws". 8. Agilyx is a privately held alternative energy company, and the first in the world to economically convert difficult-to-recycle waste plastics into crude oil through a … The voice of plastics recycling - APR is dedicated to the purpose of guiding global manufacturing and consumption of commercial plastics Become a Member Today Did you know that about 100 billion plastic … 6. Nike estimates that they’ve utilized over 3 billion plastic bottles in their efforts – quite the feat and an amazing example of how to recycle plastics. Heavy Metal: Coronavirus edition, plus the work of working from home. Other items within their product line include: 3. 1155 Gratiot Avenue Aladdin – This company specializes in a variety of containers for drinks including: A number of their products, such as their to-go mugs, are made from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic, because if you’re in the plastics industry it just makes good sense to incorporate recycling into your operations. Founded 2004. For instance, their line of leggings is made from a polyester that is derived from recycled polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. S = Sell P = Purchase Phone Number PET Bottles Ground PET Bottle Flake PET Bottle Pellets PET Thermoform Bales PET Sheet Avangard Innovative (TX) 281-582-0700 S/P S/P S/P S/P S/P Casella Recycling … Provide and maintain the tools to recycle – Balers (vertical & horizontal), Xtractors, Trailers, and Conveyors. At JUST Capital, we’ve heard from the American people that environmental impact is one of their top concerns. With so many toys being made from plastics due to the material’s versatility, shaping possibilities, and durability, this is definitely a market ripe for recycling potential. Advanced Environmental Recycling Tech. 10. s.onload = s.onreadystatechange = function() { Plastic Recycling Companies, Buyers, Suppliers in United States United States Traders Directory - Page 2 ... with customers all over the world, to provide efficient service and stable supply. And on top of this, because of the company’s dedication to recycling and the environment, the packaging for these skateboards is minimal and is constructed of recycled cardboard. 12. 20. Once the material is shredded to fibers it’s used in the production of items such as: Your next wardrobe choice might just have had an interesting journey before reaching you! 3. 'header':'hide', Private Company. No dyes are utilized in the manufacturing process, so they’re able to keep their carbon footprint quite small. Best Waste Management Companies in the USA Rumpke Consolidated Companies Inc.: This is one of the top waste management companies … Green Toys – Here’s a fascinating use of recycled plastic products – children’s toys. As a leading plastic recycling company, United Container buys scrap plastic and post-industrial plastic in Chicago, Illinois. Hamilton Perkins Collection – The Earth Bags from the Hamilton Perkins Collection are made with 100% recycled plastic products, in this case plastic bottles, which help to reduce the impact these containers are having on our environment. 18. G-Star Raw – Here’s a company that really knows how to recycle plastics. The Good Plastic Co., BioCellection, NexGenCup, and Newtechpoly develop 4 top solutions to watch out for. Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importer. United Container is a plastic recycler offering more than 50 years of plastic recycling … Market Trends | scrap-plastic… 2) Paper Recycling. The US recycling economy was upended in 2018 when China enacted bans on imports of most US recycling, leaving recycling companies at a … They offer items produced from a variety of reclaimed and recycled materials, including a number of rugs that are manufactured with tightly-woven recycled plastic straws. The plastic base makes them resistant to mildew and a snap to keep clean! Ther marketing strategies will also be discussed to see its market value. Perspective: ‘Fake news' of a different sort? Transform your molding capabilities with the Canon Shuttle Mold System, Use Sales Order Automation to free up time for CSRs to focus on customers, not manual entry. Learn more in our Global … United Plastic Recycling, 4290 Alatex Rd., Montgomery, Ala., 36108. USA. Think again, ACC, NAM eye economic priorities in Biden presidency. All-in-One Honeycomb Desiccant Wheel Portable Compact Dryer, Portable Low Temperature Hot Oil Units (350°F), Portable 375°F Hot Oil Units with Magnetic Drive “Seal-less” Pump from, Portable 450°F Hot Oil Units with Magnetic Drive “Seal-less” Pump, Central Staggered Blade Beside-the-Press Granulators, Central Open Rotor Scissor Cut Granulators, Sprue Pickers for Vertical Molding Machines, Our Line of Injection Molding Granulators, Visit Shini USA at PLASTEC West 2020 Conference, 30 Recycling Industry Events and Conferences to Attend in 2020, Interview with Fashion Designer Alexis Walsh: Sustainability in Fashion, How Ohio Is Single-Handedly Impacting the Recycling Industry, Sorting plastics received from Whole Foods stores, Washing and melting said plastic for proper use, Using appropriate plastics for upcycled Preserve products, Utilize reclaimed metal for the glasses’ plating, Are manufactured without utilizing toxic metals. 72 million. Allbirds – This shoe company has made a name for itself by using recycled wool and sugar cane in its production of sneakers, as well as recycled cardboard for its packaging. The gel roller pens are crafted out of 89% post-consumer recycled bottles while the ballpoint pens are crafted out of 83% recycled bottles. s.src = ('https:' == d.location.protocol ? Kickstart: Whatever happened to those anti-plastics activists in Ireland? With so many … Other products sold by this company include: 17. In order to reduce the pollution caused by the plastics industry, its recycling has taken an important role. We report news, gather data and deliver timely information that provides our readers with a competitive advantage. Our focus on quality, consistency, and scale, coupled with leading-edge recycling and extrusion technologies makes us one of the nation’s leading plastic … In one of the most unusual entries on this list, this company has dedicated itself to producing a line of denim products made partially from recovered ocean plastics. Alabama Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa ... USA Toll Grinding Recycling Directory USA Other Plastics Recycling Directory. Chermay International, Inc Info Web Phone Portland 8138 Sw Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. The US-based, Advanced Disposal is a solid waste and full-service environmental services company that provides integrated, non-hazardous solid waste collection, transfer, recycling, and disposal … CMC. KW Plastics Recycling PP, HDPE Granules/Pellets Laudadio Polymers, Inc. PET, PP, … Because of plastic recycling’s widespread status, we decided to write a post around companies we’ve come across who are doing amazing things in crafting recycled plastic products into new materials. Staying current is easy with Plastics News delivered straight to your inbox, free of charge. Other kitchen products they create using eco-friendly materials include: If you’d like to get more info on the benefits of recycling plastics, along with updates about the plastics industry, be sure to follow the Shini USA news page. 9. If you have questions about our scrap plastic recycling services, feel free to contact us. Office in Statesville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA) The company… 'host':'', Labor: Apprenticeships may provide answer, Internships: Solving the skills gap in-house, Lean Six Sigma: Transforming business operation, Women Breaking the Mold Networking Forum Library, Innovative new technology from Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics Corporation helps reduce emission footprints, Canon Virginia Inc. brings collaboration to the table. Recently, an industry advocacy group funded by the nation's largest oil and plastic companies launched its most expensive effort yet to promote recycling and cleanup of plastic … Trex – This company has a focus on being eco-friendly as seen in their composite decks, which feature a blend of 95% recycled wood and plastic materials. 'https://' : 'http://') + ''; Rothy’s – This San Francisco-based footwear company offers up a variety of styles, including some which have been crafted with recycled PET plastic yarn as part of a 3D knitting procedure. Lisa hails from Cleveland, Ohio and is the Marketing Manager for Shini USA. To highlight the heritage of these pens, Pilot has designed the plastic casings to have ridges similar to those seen on many plastic bottles. Facing medical equipment shortages during COVID-19 outbreak? Another way the company goes green in production is by utilizing the following sustainable materials in the creation of their dog toys: 11. Commercial Metals Co. CREG. 'autoResize':true, Green Toys – Here’s a fascinating use of recycled plastic products – children’s toys.

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